Olivia's #DreamPromposal

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This bonus chapter of Light as a Feather is part of the JCPenney #DreamPromposal contest. You can enter for a chance to win a $500 JCPenney gift card to put toward making your prom night the best night ever! 

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The most exciting day of Olivia Richmond's life was in sophomore year when Isaac Johnston asked her to be his prom date. Of course, they'd been more or less together since middle school, so she'd been expecting the invitation. But he'd gone about asking with his usual flair, having the entire varsity basketball team form a flash mob in the main hallway before fifth period, ending with them all holding up signs forming the question: Be my date to prom?

Olivia was thrilled; she loved a spectacle just as much as Isaac did, which was part of why they were the perfect couple.

She and her friend Candace went shopping at the mall in Green Bay in search of the flirtiest, most fun dresses they could find. Olivia found her dream dress at JCPenney: a slinky beaded sapphire-colored disco-style gown with spaghetti straps. It was perfect for the theme of the big night: Casino!

"Hotness," Candace commented in the dressing room as Olivia modeled her selection. Always a little more daring than Olivia, Candace chose a blush backless dress for herself. It had with jeweled detailing and a floor-length skirt with a high slit on one side.

In the shoe department, Olivia found a pair of silver slingbacks with rhinestone detailing that matched her dress. Wanting everything for the night to be perfect, she splurged on a bottle of sparkly bronzing oil since she wasn't a fan of tanning salons, and a purple-hued mascara to bring out the blue in her eyes.

The day of the dance, Candace brought her dress and accessories over to the Richmonds' house to make a party of out of getting ready together. The girls blasted Rihanna while Olivia carefully arranged Candace's hair in a sophisticated upsweep. Candace curled Olivia's hair into bouncy, sexy waves. For makeup, Olivia applied liquid eyeliner to create a dramatic cat eye look, and Candace smudged her eye pencil for a smokier style. As a finishing touch, Olivia wore matte lipstick in a deep shade of crimson.

When the girls ventured downstairs, Olivia's mother surprised her with a pair of gorgeous crystal drop earrings and a matching necklace.

Isaac and Candace's date arrived to pick up the girls in a rented vintage Mustang as a surprise. Nailing the details as always, Isaac wore a sapphire cummerbund to match Olivia's dress, and he'd brought a stunning wrist corsage featuring plump white roses and dark purple dendrobium orchids for her. Although he loved playing pranks on his girlfriend, Isaac had thrown his heart and soul into making this night a romantic one to remember.

As Olivia melted into Isaac's arms on the dance floor, there wasn't a single thing that would have made the night more flawless. Of course, she was only a sophomore and wasn't eligible to be nominated for prom queen. There would be time for that next year, she assured herself.

Little did she know how much her life would change in the fall. 

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