Revenge Chapter 1

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All her life she's been raised in another world then our own. Expectations have  risen. Opportunities have been degraded down to nothing. Her life has been one big lie, and now she wants revenge.


Blood, blood, blood... the word, the smell, the taste. Every little detail sent shivers running through her body. Just thinking about the word made her skin crawl with anticipation. Who can resist a small taste? Gasping, she shut her eyes quickly. She fought down the urge to sink her teeth into the first thing she sees. A heartbeat. Her eyes open on their own without her consent, feeling the hunger slowly devour the last sensible part of her being, her eyes turning the black orbs they should be, she gave a glance at the small boy next to her. Thinking of all the set backs this would cause, didn't have any effect. Her lips, on their own accord, raise into a smile. His scent fluctuating her senses.

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