She-Wolf.. Who Is She Chapter One

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Chapter One

It seem that I had been a sleep for a long time I don't recall much of what had happen or how I got where I am laying right now. I heard a door open I turn my head to see who was into the room . As I try to focus on who is walking in I hear she is saying hello to me then she said that she is my nurse Kellie. She walked out to my window, then closes the blinds so it wasn't so bright on my eyes.

By now I can focus a little better and can see shapes.

Kellie then walk next to my bed saying that she was going to be removing a few of my add on's that I didn't need any more. Then she handed me a glass of water, letting me know to take small sips at first. She asked me "If I knew who i was or where I was at."

I only looked, then adding no I have no clue who I am or where I am at?

She then said "you were brought in a few weeks back you had been in a very grusome fight with another she-wolf that didn't make it. You have been in a coma from then on. Your staying in Hope Falls Hospital. Our Alpha is the one that brought you in when he had found you. We didn't know what to call you so Alpha gave you the name "Sage" you may change that once u recall who you are. Your Doctor will be in here soon to make sure everything is going okay with you as well as to explain anything that you may have on your mind. I believe Alpha will be coming in to see you also. Due to he has been trying to be in to see you as much as he could."

Great a alpha wanting to see me but why I still couldn't recall anything even if he asks me to. Thinking myself can seem to me as if I am crazy.

She handed me my call button letting me know that if I needed anything then I should push the call button, a nurse or a R.N will be in here to help me.

I laid in my bed trying to think who I was I couldn't recall much due to everything seem much like a blank to me at this time.

I must have drifted back to sleep when I heard some people talking. I slowly open my eyes to see there where two men standing in my room. One was a older male he has gray hair with brown eyes.

The other one was sitting down in the chair next to my bed, what i could see of him he had shoulder lenght jet black hair with blond streaks, on top of his head he had a few silver spikes. I was in aw wondering what the rest of him looked like. Doctor turn towards me looking rather please to see that I was awake again.

Well good after noon Miss. how are you feeling right now.

My head hurts like hell, other than that I am here heeling I guess.

Well your head will hurt for a while you came in well beaten up. Your head was hit pretty bad as we saw on the x-rays. You also had many broken bones, a few ribs busted pretty bad, your right leg was twisted to a way it should have never be in the first place. Can you tell me if you can recall anything from your past.

No Doctor I don't recall anything.

Okay Miss that is understanding you have memory lost. But time will tell how long this will be before something triggers or you recall on your own.

He turned back towards the young man he was talking to before hand letting him know that I should be able to leave here in a week or less. Then they shocked hands, the Dr. walked out of the room. Leaving the young man still in here with me.

The young man turned to me Sage I am Alpha Harley Black~Cloud so you can call me Alpha if you want to. I just wanted you to know that I have posted notices out to all packs in the area's, then asked them to spread word out about you, the other she-wolf that didn't make it. Then we can find your pack that you belong to, I am hoping that someone will get back to me so we can reunite you to them. But for right now your going to be in my care. I have set up a room for you at my home for when you do get discharged.

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