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Confessions Of A Sex Addict *2*

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NOTE- sorry for the wait, got wrapped up in Dirty Little Secret. Anyways heres the next chapter and again its hard hitting something different. Hope you like :) And for those of you that dont know, I am seximomma724 :)


Confessions Of A Sex Addict

Chapter 2

"So your man doesn't care now where were we?" Cody asked as he began removing my dress straps again.

My mind went blank and my core started thrumming. Cody began to massage me again as both our breaths were ragged. I reached down and finally got his pants off. He was bigger than anyone I've been with. He looked at my amazed face and smiled.

'Don't worry Riley, I'll take it easy." He said.

I shook my head knowing I'm a rough person. I went to push him down to take control but he grabbed my hands and held them up.

"Not use to being powerless, huh?" He smirked, but I know he was right. I'm not use to it; I'm use to pulling all the strings. Powerless, was turning me on so bad.

He pulled a con*dom out his jeans before sliding it on. I sat up and looked over him slowly. Something about him was making me thrum with need. He looked up and smirked at me before hovering back over me. He kissed me deeply while pushing into me slowly. My breath caught in my throat as he went in, the pleasure was taking over completely.

"Harder." I whispered breathlessly. He looked up at me and lifted my legs up to rest on his shoulder as he thru*sted all the way in. It felt as if I could feel him in my stomach. The pleasure was good. He grabbed hold of my hands and held them above my head as he pulled almost all the way out me and slammed back into me. My head flew back as everything was erased from my mind besides the pleasure I was feeling. I could feel myself inching closer and closer to the release that's been dying to get out. My body was going crazy as I arched my back up to get him deeper.

"Hunter wouldn't mind if I marked your other side." He spoke before grabbing my chin and pulling my face to the other side and sucking on my neck. That only drove me crazier and pushed me further. Once he was satisfied with the mark he left he lifted my legs up to my chest and thru*sted harder into me sending me completely into ecs*tasy. I moaned out as a few screams left me and he trusted one last time before groaning out sexily.

Once he was done he collapsed on the other side of the couch by my feet, both of us struggling to catch our breaths. I sat up fixing my dress as I attempted to get up to get a drink. I could feel my legs still wobbly and my core still thrumming from enjoyment.

As I was drinking the rest of my water Cody walked in so I tossed him a bottle. He smiled as he chugged it down. I sat on the other side of the counter, not sure how to start a conversation. I was use to fuc*king and that's it. Normally I would tell them to leave or they would just bounce.

"Sorry about your neck." He mumbled swirling his water around the bottle.

I waved it off as if it was nothing; it was a mark that'll go away. I was about to say something but I heard Hunters ringtone blaring threw my cell. Cody chucked as I went to hunt it down.

"Hello." I said as found it on the floor and pressed the answer button.

"Are you done?" Hunter asked with a bit of an attitude.

"Yeah, I just couldn't find my phone. What's up?" I asked sitting down on the couch.

"Nothing much, be ready in 10 I'm coming to pick you up." He said as he hung up, not giving me a chance to say anything else.

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