Chapter eight

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Target 25

Recap: The team is back together. Laksh is fine and Karan exposed Suraj.

They all looked at Suraj, "ghar? {Home} you found a Home?" They stare at him intensely.

Suraj glares at Karan and Laksh, but both were just hiding behind the other's, "haan home!" They said and Suraj couldn't do anything.

"Well..." he scratches his back head, "Cha..." he was looking around trying to find the right words and the way to explain to them how it come to it.

His gaze shifted and he saw her coming, Chakor was smiling at him, she then looked around. She was still tensed, but then she found Laksh and Karan. She went closer to them.

"Laksh come tonight. I will change the bandage on your shoulder. And if possible show it to a doctor. Take care of him too." Pointing on Suraj, she lefts.

Laksh looked at him, "where you got hurt, don't show on your chest that's not gonna work on me."

They all looked at her and then back on Suraj, "She?!" He nods with a short smile, "yes she."

They blinked with their eyes and shook their head in confusion, "Oh brother's." Karan got their attention. "Suraj isn't in the state to offer her anything, he can't forbid her to work, but he can keep her save afterwards. Both share a mature relationship of understanding, they have accepted each other the way they are."

"Haan and with him, we also got a home." Laksh said and Suraj glares at him, "really?"

Laksh nods, "didn't you hear what she said. I should come the night, she wants to check on my wound." He said with attitude and proud, "you know maybe she falls for me?"

They all looked at him, "haan everyone would fall for you." They said and starts to laugh.

Deep and Sid sat next to him, while Ajay took Laksh and Karan to the nearby hospital for a checkup they do have someone, who does the work illegal on them. Without asking any questions as he get paid for it.

Deep and Sid took Suraj, "how?" They asked him, Suraj looked at them with a questioned face, "what?"

Deep shook his head, "don't try to act innocent. How this all happened and for how long is it going on. Were you ever going to tell us?"

Sid widen his eyes, "Okay someone is angry, give him the chance to explain himself."

Suraj looked at them, "the kids are gone?"

Deep and Sid nods, "Haan Ajay is with them, they have gone to meet the doctor for Laksh injury."

Suraj nods, taking a deep breath he looked at them, "I didn't knew who she is. I was in search for a hideout and you how we separated that night. I had the knife in my hand and the police was behind us. I remember that the cottage is empty, well I thought it would be, but now it's not anymore. She opens the door for me and let me in. She didn't show fear and scariness, she was lost, alone like us. She saved me and since that day I go to her."

Sid nods with a small smile, "Suraj even we have a right to be happy. She has become yours now don't lose her on..."

The police jeep stopped in front of them, the inspector come out and was looking in anger to them.

"You three, where are the other's?" He shouted and the whole alley was looking at them.

Suraj made a fist in anger, he was about to stand up, but, "Oh daroga {Inspector} don't you have better things to do than to shout. We want to have some peace, but with your shout all get disturbed. Didn't you had it for a long time?" They all looked up, it was Chakor, who talked to him in this rude and angry way.

"Haan I do like her, let's go as long as she is distracting him." Suraj didn't liked it to leave her alone, but he knows she did it for him only.

At the hospital

Laksh was looking at the doctor, "why do I feel like, if he is under the influence of drugs? Please keep him away from me, I will ask Bhabhi she should do that. Her hands are soft and she does it with care. I don't like this man."

Karan laughs, "haan hands are soft and she is very nice. She gave you the new shirt, which she had bought for Suraj. Have some shame and try not to make it dirty." Ajay laughs, "uff you both are too much, fine we will take the bandage and medicine from here and will ask Bhabhi to apply them?"

"Deal!" Laksh stood up and the doctor come again near him, "oh bhai dhoor {Stay away}! I don't like it." He hides behind Ajay, Karan took the stuff and they left from there.

The inspector fumes in anger. That bitch has fooled me to help the boys, but don't worry I will get them anyhow. They won't escape for long even they will make a mistake and have to pay for it. I know their weakness.

Karan was looking at Laksh, "Well nice choice and taste."

Laksh looked at the shirt, "haan yaar, we have to buy her something. She had cooked for us and looked after me. Kuch toh banta hai {We have to}!" They looked at Ajay and he nods, "fine and what?"

They thought, Suraj was alone with Deep and Sid, they have found another place to hide.

"Suraj where is the knife?"

Suraj looked at Deep, "she hide it for me."

Sid shook his head, "we have to keep her out of it." Suraj nods, but Deep shook his head, "uhm she already involved herself for him, we have to keep her save."

Suraj smiles, "yeah, we have to keep her away from that idiot inspector."

Sid placed his hand on his shoulder, "don't worry we will keep her save, your love won't get hurt or harmed."

Suraj nods with a smile.

Deep smirks, "hehe Love?!" He lifts an eyebrow  and starts to tease him.

Suraj pouts, just then it hits him like a thunder. These two are nothing in comparing to Karan and Laksh... Ajay

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