Once Perfect Melody

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I used to be trapped by your melody

You made me sing along in a perfect harmony

Making me fall in love with you as we sing our song

Those days were where I thought I belong

Later on we started to strip away

Farther apart from each other each day

You had me deep in your charms

But where were you when I was harmed?

I suddenly realized you weren't going to be there

When i was hurt & sad it wasn't fair

Because I loved the idea of you & me

Together like our once perfect harmony.

I guess it just wasn't meant to be

But the idea of you beside me made me happy

So i guess I'm just a fool for falling for you

Because everything you said before weren't true.

So I'm flying away & setting my heart free

Don't try to follow me, I'm not the girl i used to be

I won't crawl back to you anymore

My heart has build its own closed doors

So don't try to get me back

You won't succeed & that's a fact

I ain't gonna be that fooled girl you once knew

& you'll only wish it was a chance you didn't screw.

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