Just in-between

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It happened on Sunday. Or was it Saturday? I can't remember for sure. That's why I advise others to keep tracks of the moments that change their lives no matter how small they might be - but in the end, would it ever matter which day of the week it was? Would it change the event or turn it towards another direction? Or twist it so you'd never actually know? There can be so many opinions neither of which is right nor wrong - just in-between.

Anyways, what I do remember is that I was walking. The sun was shining brightly in the blue spotless sky and there were hardly any people in the long deserted streets, which was fortunate either for me or for what occured.

The trees, growing along the pavements, seemed to be too green, too old and too 'out-of-fairy-tale'; the bricks forming the road were made as if just for that tiny town so it'd differ from every other one in that largest country in the world - Russia; the people, occasionly popping out in the way , wore those simple face expressions that let anyone read them out loud; the buildings were welcoming and each of them had its own special history, its own magical world; even that black kitten, considered unfortunate by most, was too cute - so that you'd never even think about getting away from it to the other side of the street. Everything was too friendly.Counting the amount of times that 'too' was used, I probably should've known something would happen.

Of course it would - my optical glasses were too strong and that's why everything felt 'too' anything. The moment I took them off everything went too dizzy and my brain became too light headed to that strong degree when I couldn't stand still on the ground and I knew I had to sit down or else I'd just faint right on the spot. Too dramatic. Will you ever believe it? I'm sure you won't just as I'm sure you will.

The moment I made my way to the corner of the street and closed my eyes to let the dizziness leave me - which it did after a little more than four minutes but not five - a cool breeze tickled my face so slightly as though caressing my skin with its invisible soft fingertips and the smell of the yew-trees growing all around me filled the sudden fresh newly innovated air, and I heard thunder. It roared interrupting the silence that stood everywhere, dark clouds accumulated the sky. And it started raining cats and dogs.

What an interesting phenomenon it is,nature! One second it's hot and stuffy and one can only think about a place where it's cold enough to save oneself from the heat, and the other - it rains and it's so cold one can only think about a place where it's warm enough to save oneself from the frosty weather.

So will you believe it or not?

Or will you stay in-between?

I always choose the last part.

That's why I wasn't astonished even for a little bit when I opened my eyes and let the snow appear in my sight, and I'm not joking - it was really snowing. Small white feathers were falling from the sky, covering the sloppy ,heated from before by the sun,ground and melting right at the moment when they touched it. As I've already said, an interesting thing it is, nature and a boring creature it is, a human being for not believing that this kind of event can happen out of the blue, when it actually can.

A cold feeling enveloped me and goosebumps ran down my arms as I stretched them towards the falling snow leaves, as though trying to make it all seem real - not the surroundings, but the very illusion of myself being real.

Suddenly the freezing weather was too much for someone wearing shorts and flip-flops and I hurried to the nearest local library which I was planning to do anyway.

The doorbell rang as I entered a warm cave of an emotional warehouse - I call all libraries that way since every book is an emotion consisting of a lot of other tiny emotions.

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