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Today i woke up and everyone was not in the room.

There probably downstairs.

I went downstairs and i saw them in the kitchen cooking breakfast.

Alexa noticed me.

"Heyy u woke up!" She yelled

Saphire and darren turned to look at me.

"Uhm yea" i said trying to wake myself up.

"Wanna join us make breakfast?" Saphire asked

"Yea sure, what do i have to do?" I asked going down the stairs.

"Well u can join darren make some juice" she replied

I washed my hands and went over to the corner darren was in.

I helped him crush down the fruit thru the juicer.

Alexa's POV

We prepared the table and we set the foods.

"Okay! Lets have breakfast!" Saphire yelled as we all washed our hands.

We sat at the table and began eating.

"So which mall are we going to?" I asked

"Lets go downtown first and after lets go to metrotown" saphire replied

"Sounds like a good plan to me!" Jk said

"Todays gonna be soo much fun!" I yelled

"I knowwww righttt!" Saphire yelled.

We finished eating and we went back upstairs.

Saphires POV

We just finished eating and we went upstairs to my room.

"Uhm im gonna go take a shower downstairs" kuya said going to the guest room.

"Ill go to the one near the pool" alexa said and left the room.

Its just me and darren now.

"Did u feed cheska yet?" He asked me

"Oh yea, lets see if shes awake" i replied

We went over to cheska's room and as i walked in she was waiting for me to feed her.

I grabbed her food pallets and put a good amount of food at her dish.

We played with her for a few minutes.

"Uh im gonna go shower downstairs at my parents room, u can shower at my bathroom" i said to darren.

"Kay cupcake!" He replied getting up.

I went in my room to pick out my clothes.

We were going shopping soo uhmm...

I picked out my baby pink silk top with my light wash high waisted skinny jeans with my baby pink bow wedges.

I went downstairs and took a shower.

I changed into my clothes and did my hair and makeup.

As i finished i grabbed my stuff and went back upstairs.

Kuya and alexa was there.

I chose my bag and put my things in there.

Then darren came out of the bathroom.

"U guys ready?" I asked

"Wait im doing my hair!" Kuya said

"Im about to finish my hair!!" Darren yelled from the bathroom.

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