Chapter 2

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Harry POV

The moment I wake up, I wonder when I fell asleep. When I open my eyes, I don't really know where I am. Not wanting to think about it, I close my eyes again. As soon as I'm a little more alert, I open my eyes and recognize it as Niall's guestroom. I know it's Niall's, cause I always stay here when Louis kicks me out of the penthouse. Problem now is, I haven't got a clue how I got here.

What I do know is that Louis left all of a sudden, basically commanding that I stayed with Niall. And then there was that smell. I still know the exact details of it and it smelled so good, but it also made me lightheaded, that's how far I remember it. After that it's a mystery to me.

I don't smell it anymore though, which makes me relieved at one side, but longing on the other. If I just knew where it came from.

Suddenly, the door opens a few centimetre and Niall's head appears in the small gap between the door and the doorpost. 

'Sleeping beauty is finally awake, I see.' Niall says with a grin as he steps completely into the room. Now I see he's carrying a bag. I go and sit up on my elbows, my view gets blurry when I move and my head throbs a little but I don't say anything about it to Niall. After a few moments my view goes back to normal again, luckily. 'Bought you, and myself of course, some food from the bakery down the road. So I hope you are hungry, cause otherwise I'll have to eat all this delicious smelling bread myself.' Niall says with a grin on his face.

'Thanks, Niall.' I say. My voice slightly cracks, like it does with more people when they just woke up. It's only a rare occurrence to happen to me and Niall's face turns into a slightly more worried one.

'Are you alright, Harry?' Niall asks. 'Yesterday you passed out on us all of a sudden. You had us pretty worried about you, Haz.' 

I ignore Niall's first question, my attention more to Niall's last words. 'I passed out? How did that happen? I don't remember anything after Louis left.' 

'You don't remember anything besides that?' Niall asks me with his eyebrows raised in surprise. 

'No, I mean I can remember everything until that moment. I don't have a clue what happened after that.' I reply, making my thoughts a little clearer to Niall.

Nial doesn't immediately reply though, instead he opens the bag of food he bought and hands me one of the two sandwiches he gets out of the bag.

I am about to decline the offer, more interested in the answer to my question than in food, when my stomach makes a growling sound that Niall definitely heard. Not looking in Niall's eyes I accept the sandwich with a shade darker cheeks than usual.

Only once we both took a bite from our food, Niall starts answering my previous question. 'I don't know exactly how to describe it myself, but according to Liam you showed signs of having a panic attack. Apparently you were panicking so hard at one point that you passed out.' 

'Would I sound extremely stupid if I asked what a panic attack is? I've never heard of it before.' I mumble shyly. There is one other question I have, but I'm pretty sure Niall hasn't got a clue where I could have been panicking so much about that it made me pass out.

'That's not an easy question. Let me think about it for a moment.' Niall says. Niall's moment turns out to be as soon as he finished his sandwich. He speaks up right after he finishes. 'Alright, this may not be the most accurate description of a panic attack, but it's basically caused when someone is worrying about something. At some point it turns into over-thinking and then they don't just worry about one thing, but about everything. Once that happens you are panicking, which, if I'm correct, can turn into a panic attack when someone barely reacts to anything. Another sign of having a panic attack can be irregular breathing. I could definitely miss somethings and be wrong there though.' Niall finishes.

My mouth simply forms an 'O'-shape as response. That's another thing I learned since I got on the X-Factor. According to the boys, I'm under-educated. Not that I don't know how to read, write and calculate, but more as in the fact that I know about half the things they know. Lots of words are unknown to me and need to be explained when I first hear them.

The boys never seem to find it an issue though. They always calmly explain it to me, as if it's not something I should definitely know. Luckily they never asked any question about my genuine lack of knowledge. 

'I had never heard of the word panic attack before. Is it really bad to have one? Have you ever had one?' I ask. I'm pretty curious about a lot of things, but if you would fire all those questions to me, I would be a lot less comfortable with answering them.

'It's not too bad. No one has ever died from having a panic attack. Personally, I can't say I've had one. You were the first one I had ever seen having a panic attack. Probably why I didn't pick up the signs like Liam did.' Niall answers all my question in such a relaxed tone, it makes me smile a little. 

'So, what's on your planning today, Niall?' I ask him. Another question from my side, but there's not a word said about me asking too many questions.

'Well, on my planning is doing something fun with a curly-haired lad with green eyes. You know anyone that follows that description?' He asks me as he brings his hand up to ruffle through my curls. Laughing a little I shake my head. 'Too bad. Guess I'm stuck with you then. Looking at the amazing London-weather, I say we play some video games and watch some movies for the rest of the day.' 

'I'm in.' I say with a smile. We end up doing that for basically all the time I stay at Niall's flat, only going out to grab some food.

That's until Louis stands at the front door of Niall's flat almost a week later..

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