Chapter 3.

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The weather outside is typical Southern California weather 75 degrees ,not a cloud in the sky and barely a breeze. Anyone visiting SoCal would be surprised at the fact that it's the beginning of November and the weather has still maintained it's summer feel to it,but being born and raised here I've come to the realization anything above 75 degrees is too hot and anything below 75 degrees is too cold.

We cut through the middle of Melrose Avenue, because really who has time to wait at the corner for the crosswalk signal anymore? Pestos is a modern, white table cloth, anyone who's anyone has to be here, medium sized type of Italian restaurant ,with a wait list that would make you believe that dam Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were going to make an appearance at any moment, thankfully Betsy knew all the right connections in West Hollywood to get us through ridiculous lines.

"Hey Clarissa , looking good girl what's that 5 pounds off since the last time I saw you! I swear you have to tell me your secret !", Betsy flashes her wide, pearly ,white smile to the hostess.

"Betsy ! Hey ! My god girl my ankles are crying for your ankles what are those 5 inch Louie's ? ", Clarissa responds with a fake smile.

I nearly have to turn my head before Clarissa can see my eyes roll, but hey anything to get us pass these people in line.

"Oh hey Madeline", she responds flatly.

"Hey Clarissa how have you been?", I respond with barely any enthusiasm.

Clarissa is one of those girls who has the nerve to think just because she has a job in a well-known restaurant, where every now and then some celebrities come to eat she has some type of high status ranking.

Makes me gag.

She always looks at me from head to toe and judges me which irritates me every single time! I don't always dress at my finest but I dress more for comfort than style and then when you have me in the same room as Betsy I might as well give up on my single life and adopt 15 dogs and become the weird lonely dog lady.

I see how Clarissa moves her eyes from my hair piled up in a bun on top of my head to my loose fitted open light blue cardigan from Macys on top of my loose white blouse ,down to my plain black work slacks that touch the floor ,and lastly her eyes rest with a smirk on her face at the sight of my simple black flats that I found on sale from target.

Lord make me weak because if you give me strength I will choke this bitch out .

"Sooooo, Clarissa girl we are starving any spots left open for the two of us ?", Betsy says with a wink.

"Hmm well normally I shouldn't be doing this ,but since I am lead hostess ...oh what the hell why not! ", she replies with a wink ,and directs us to a small booth near the back of the restaurant.

After we place our food order I begin to tell Betsy about everything that happened with the elevator bastard ,and for once my no filter friend is at a lost for words.

"Well? Say something skank!!", I nervously yell.

"Madeline are you sure that actually happened and you weren't day dreaming or something?"


"Ugh! Yes it happened Betsy. "

"Hey woah, don't be mad change your pad, I'm just saying a guy like Dorian Falcon flirting with a girl like you , it just doesn't make sense."

And the award for The most Charming Person Alive goes to Betsy Fawn.

"Wow Betsy, no please continue you are making me blush", I sarcastically reply and roll my eyes.

"Easy there sensitive Sally don't go crying on me now, I just meant like Falcon has his regular type of women he gets who all look like bimbo pornstars ready to suck him off in front of a live audience, let's face it sweetie considering your track record from Chad and Blaine you aren't ready for Falcon even if he gave you the chance."

I kind of have to agree with her on this since I've only had two actual boyfriends Chad and then the most recent Blaine. Let's face it I had no idea what I was doing sexually with them . I almost felt bad for them having to deal with my inexperienced self, but hey I never whored around before and I wasn't about to start anytime soon.

Thank god the food is here, now I can eat my false hopes away.

"Maddie don't get worked up over what I said okay? I tried to mean it as nice as I could", she apologetically smiles at me.

"Don't worry about it Bets, you're probably right anyways..... Then again maybe you're wrong , maybe I could've banged his brains out and had him wanting more like a drug addict needing his fix ", I say with a shrug.

Betsy drops her fork on her plate with a gasp and eyes wide.

HA !I guess I showed her that I'm not as innocent as she thinks I am.

From the corner of my eye I realize someone is standing right next to me.

SHIT the waiter? Damn it more embarrassment to add to my day. Smooth move Madeline.

As I turn to address the waiter and apologize instead I'm met with Dorian Flacon gazing down at me with a smug look.

My heart drops to my stomach and I all of sudden forgot English.

He did not just hear that ! Please almighty being from above tell me he did not hear any of that and that I am just hallucinating him in front of me ?

"Well Madeline, that's quite the mouth you have there more qualities to add to your already outstanding resume", he flashes his signature heart stopping smile.

If he wasn't in the way like always I would get up from this booth and run as fast as my feet will go and never look back.

"Yes Madeline such a colorful choice of words you have", Betsy says in her most proper voice.

When in the hell did she decide to become spokes person for proper women around the world?

This is the first time I've actually wanted to back hand Betsy !

I quickly get up to climb out of the booth and throw a few twenties on the table for my food and Dorian thankfully moves out of the way.

"Well I'm almost late to go back later Betsy ! Bye Mr.Falcon !", I shout without looking back at either of them.

The minute I exit Pesto's I see Dorian rushing after me I run like a lunatic across Melrose and into Captor and I don't stop until I'm in the elevator. My chest rapidly moving up and down from the run to here.

"Woooo that was close ", I let out a gasping breath ,as I put my hands on my knees to prevent me from falling over and passing out.

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