Chapter 6

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“The Heart of the Wildflower”

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Chapter 6

Elizabeth stood blank faced as she stared into her lackluster closet. She had never really done the dating scene or gone clubbing or even gone out much for that matter for anything more than a quick dinner at the local Diner. She was at a complete loss as to what she should even wear for a date with the notorious Zeb Crooker. As she systematically sifted through hanger after hanger in her closet, there was one recurring theme; everything that she owned was absolutely and positively boring in every sense of the word.

 Two hours later Elizabeth finally settled on a pair of ordinary blue jeans that fitted her fairly well and a button up renaissance blouse that was trimmed with flared ruffles on the sleeves. A pair of nicely worn tan boots complimented the look nicely.

 Staring at her reflection in front of the mirror Elizabeth let out a little sigh. This was about as good as she was going to get. It wasn’t really a casual look, but not an overly dressy look either. It was just Elizabeth being plain old Elizabeth. With her, it was always a ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of thing.

 She didn’t know where Zeb was taking her but dressed like this she was suited for pretty much anything from a nice, romantic dinner in a cozy little restaurant to a movie and pizza. Either way, after this date she planned on telling Zeb that it just wasn’t going to work. She wasn’t that same eighteen year old girl that he wooed so easily six years ago. Once he saw the truth, the real truth about who she was, then he would move on to the next woman that would happily warm his bed.

 At least that is what Elizabeth was banking on. He had to, she told herself determinedly because when she was forced to give away her son, she also gave away her heart. She just didn’t have anything else in her to give anymore.

 Picking up the clear lip gloss off of her dresser, Elizabeth was dabbing a touch on her lips when the doorbell chimed. She glanced back at her alarm clock and let out a very unladylike expletive when she realized that Mr. Zeb-almighty-Crooker was right on time.

 Tossing the lip gloss case back on the dresser, Elizabeth started back down the stairs. She hadn’t even made it halfway down when the doorbell sounded impatiently again. “Hold your pants on, I’m coming,” she yelled out irritably knowing that it could only be one person.

 Elizabeth forced herself to stop at the door and take a deep breath. She patted herself down once; smoothing her hands on her jeans and was starting to pinch her cheeks when it suddenly dawned on her how silly she was being. She was acting like a love-struck teenager. She almost groaned out loud; she was getting way too old for this kind of thing and besides, it was a one time deal. After tonight, she would wipe her hands clean of Mr. Crooker. He would be nothing more than a memory that she would try desperately to forget.

 Resigned to her fate, Elizabeth pulled open the door and felt her mouth go instantly dry. Even after everything that he had put her though, she couldn’t help but admire how good he looked. His dirty blond hair was all disheveled but done so in a way that appealed to her. It screamed masculinity and the female inside Elizabeth wanted to run her hands through it. Her eyes dropped to his lips and …

 “Well hello there, beautiful.”

 At the sound of his voice, Elizabeth startled and pulled her eyes back up to meet his. He was grinning at her.

 “These,” he said and held out a bouquet of what had to be the most beautifully exotic flowers that she had ever seen, “are for you. Pretty flowers, for a very pretty lady.”

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