Jake the Zombie Killer

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Laws For Survival

Trust no one

Never sleep

if it's dead,Kill it

If it dies,Kill it

Get bit,get Dead

Grow eyes in the back of your head

Lie,steel and cheat and maybe survive

Around every corner is a motherfuckin zombie waiting to rip you apart and eat you !

AND most importantly...No matter what,how desperate the situation is.....Always

Save the last bullet for yourself !

Jake had finally discovered his true calling. He was a bona fide damn good zombie killer.

He had traveled through life going from town to town,job to job. He never lasted at any one job for very long,getting bored with his duties quickly.

Then somehow the plug was pulled on all that was considered normal came to a abrupt end.

The dead walked and the living died as all hell broke loose across the entire world.

The economy,the election,gas prices,even racism and religion become moot.....the only concern or law left was for survival.

He needed little excuse to leave his present boring job. Once it was broadcast over radio and tv that mankind was facing a huge crisis and the president had ordered martial law for the entire usa.

Either go home and lock and barricade yourself in your home or go to the nearest civil defense shelter to be transported to safe zones. jake decided he was better off on his on so he headed for a friends place in his old neighborhood.

During his travel to his friends place he tried to make sense to what little he had heard. It took him a few hours to travel to his friends place. Any time he detected signs of movement or people,alive or dead, he would take a longer route,avoiding anyone and everyone.

Finally arriving at his friends place ,he did a slow re con around the home,looking for any signs of entry by someone,or something, into the house.

Jake had already expected to find the home deserted...his friend would head for his 'hard site' in the mountains at first sign of troubles.....

Jake eased around to the back of the house,checked the area to ensure he was not seen by anyone/thing,found a concealed panel,punched in a code and quickly went to the rear door ,opened it and entered the house. He moved over to a door a few feet down the hall,opened it and felt around for another concealed switch,that once tripped would reveal another hidden panel.at this panel Jake keyed in a series of codes,setting up a security perimeter around the house....now Jake would know if anything bigger than a small dog ventured within 20 yards of the house.

He felt much better knowing he had a secure perimeter.

He continued down the hall and entered a large kitchen,crossed the kitchen to the refrigerator,opened it and was glad to discover his friend had left him a few items to eat.

Half a box of saltines,a chunk of cheese and a quart of cold milk later,He felt much better getting some food in himself.

He finished off the quart of milk and cleaned the counter and putting remains in trash. Wondering how long it would be before he enjoyed cold milk again.

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