Seth POV

We decided on the traditional and more conventional means of transportation to get to the Cullens’ house—a car. Mom’s car, actually. We, uh… kinda… well, we kinda grabbed and ran. Mom was probably over at Billy Black’s house anyway. Its kinda weird thinking about my mother and the father of my friend Jake in… that kinda way. But they like each other and they’re lonely. Both their spouses are dead and all their kids are mostly grown up.

Still. The very thought of it, though. It’s just… just… KIJFVUJHKNJLKSKLKFLCAAVR!!!!

Anyway, Leah’s driving and I’m sitting in the back with my munchkin on my lap, facing forward. While there would be more room in the front for us together, if the airbag went off it could kill her and we don’t have a car seat. Which is why she’s on my lap. Aaaand because she’s adorable.

The car jostled us all as we turned off the main road to the Cullens’ secluded house. Clari giggled and jumped up and down on my lap, chattering like a little bird. I smiled down at her and ruffled her hair, then looked back up at the road. I saw Leah’s face looking back at us in the rearview mirror. She had a slight smile on her face. I know it sounds just plain… ugh, girly to say it. But I really felt relieved at the thought that Leah didn’t mind us. That she actually liked Clari.

I mean, who woulda thunk it?

I took a deep breath and exhaled, trying to summon up some courage. I put on a small smile and gently tugged a strand of Clari’s sun blond hair. She chattered on again and swatted my hand away. She was clearly enjoying being her silly little self. I gave her a mini nuggie and she shrieked with laughter. I couldn’t help laughing with her. Her smile just tugged on my heartstrings. Then I heard a slight cough coming front the front seat. I looked up to see Leah shooting me a reproving glare.

But even mean ol’ Leah couldn’t keep a small smile off of her face.

Sadly enough, however, it did remind me of what needed to be brought out into the open.

“Hey, Clari-baby, we’re heading over to our friends house. They’re called the Cullens.” Clari looked up at me from her position on my lap and gave me a huge, toothy smile.

“The Cullens are, umm… they’re a little bit… different from us. Like, us as in me and Leah and regular humans and all…” I gave a weak laugh and ran a hand through my medium length hair. Leah looked into the review mirror, rolled her eyes and snorted. “So much for being supportive,” I muttered under my breath.

I saw Leah’s eyebrows raise and all I could think of was, “Dear God.” Leah’s foot hit the gas pedal and completely floored the thing. The engine startled and coughed, then roared into a furious rampage of speed. Leah jerked the wheel back and forth, causing the vehicle to swerve to the left and the right of the small, one lane road.

I couldn’t stop saying, “Stop! Stop! STOP STOP STOP STOP.”

Leah and Clari couldn’t stop laughing.

The car slowly returned to normal. No more ridiculous speeding around tight corners. No more jerking the car back and forth repeatedly. They were still giggling their heads off. But there was no more... other stuff. THANK YOU GOD.

“WHAT THE HEL—HECK WERE YOU THINKING!?! You could’ve lost control! You could’ve wrecked Mom’s car! YOU COULD’VE HURT CLARI!”

The car rolled to a stop. Leah turned around to glare at me. “And, of course, therein lays the problem.”

I let loose with an exasperated sigh. “What on earth are you talking about, Leah?”

Leah’s eyes got all squinty and she pursed her lips. And here I go again, cursing out a god I don’t even believe in. She stuck out a finger at me and waved it a bit. “I’m talking about you and your asinine need to protect everything and everyone and do the right things all the goddamn time.”

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