Leah POV

Silence reigned inside the house as I stared at the thing. It didn’t notice my glares because it was still focusing its attentions at the empty doorway, looking for my brother.

My brother.

Oh, how much I’d just love to strangle the kid.

Only Seth would be stupid enough to go and imprint on a monster. He’s just like Jake. Hell, he’s exactly like Jake. I didn’t know that letting Seth hang out with all the little bloodsuckers after all the trouble Renesme brought was gone was an extraordinarily bad idea, but there you have. Now he’s a bloodsucker sympathizer, a freakin’ bloodsucker lover. I mean, the bloodsuckers aren’t exactly worst ones on earth—but I’d still rather not be 80 miles downwind of the damn things.

And Jake. He didn’t help things either. I thought it would be okay for Seth to stay a little while near the creatures because Jake was there, but Jake also went and imprinted on one of the little half-creatures, and Seth friggin’ idolizes the guy.

I should’ve just listened to my inner bitch, the one that always seems to crawl forward in front of my real personality after Sam… imprinted.


If there is one thing I hate more than the idea of the possible ruination of our family because of this thing, its talking or thinking about Sam.

The fact that I just willingly brought Sam into my thoughts to cover the thing? Pre-tty bad sign.

Just goes to show how much I truly dislike this thing.

After what seemed like an eternity of glaring at it, it turned to look at me with the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen on another creature.

Other than the times that I’ve looked into a mirror.

I knew that sadness. It’s an all-encumbering sadness, a despair of the heart, mind, and even body, something that spreads insipidly throughout your entire soul.

It’s a, how could he have left me, look that’s recognizable to almost every female, no matter how different the species.

I startled out of my little reverie as it started to walk toward me. I shook my head a little to get rid of these lingering thoughts. I didn’t want to think of it like another being. The last time a thing like it came to this place, an entire war between the supernatural almost began! It stopped a couple of feet away from me, making me take a small step back. It lifted its arms, almost in an entreaty to pick it up. It took me a minute to realize and understand the request. I shook my head and scowled, taking another step back.

There was no way I was going to touch that…that…that thing!

It started walking towards me again, hands still held up, but it stopped and stood in place when it saw me flinch a little. It slowly lowered its arms to its side, a look of understanding dawning its features. Compassion. Acceptance.

It scared me. It scared the ever-loving-goodness out of me.

I forced a snarl and bit into my thoughts. This thing is just a thing. It’s not a person, it’s not a being, not a life force, and it sure as hell isn’t a human.

As I took another step back, it’s entire body froze over, locking into place, it’s eyes looking glazed and blurred. I watched in horror as a small teardrop leak out of one its eyes and spill onto a cheek. More tear filled up its eyes, threatening to spill over.

I sighed, a regretful, angry breath of air that sounded harsh in this silent tomb. I quickly closed the space between us and hesitantly crouched in front of it.