Uh Oh..

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Prodigy and Jessica walk into their first core. Prodigy takes his seat and Jessica stands infront of the room while everyone stares at her.

Teacher: "Everyone this is Jessica."

Class: "hi Jessica."

Prod: "hey Jess."

Jess: "hi guys!"

Teacher: "everyone she's new here so she'll need a tour guide for a week or so, any takers?" Everyone's boys shot up. Jess hoped that she picked Prodigy cause she didn't know anyone else. "Prod since you called her Jess which sounded like you know her you'll be her guide."

Prod: "i've known her since we were little." *winks at Jess*

Teacher: "well Jessica go take a seat next to Prodigy." Jessica walks over to the tabel and sits down at the table. Addison walks into the class late and takes a seat on the other side of Prodigy.

Addison: "so i see your with the sl*t here." (holds tears)

Prod: "she's not a sl*t!"

Addison: "not in your eyes, what about everyone elses?"

Prod: "Addison why do you keep following me everywhere i go?"

Addison: "Cause i love you baby."

Prod: "well i don't love you. and don't call me baby."

Addison: "but bab-"

Prod: "don't!" Jessica ignores their fighting and tries to focus on the whiteboard.

Addison: "bu-"

Prod: "sto-" Addison cuts him off with a kiss and it turns into a makeout session.

Teacher: "Addison, Prodigy will you stop sucking eachother's faces?" Jessica looks over, their still makingout. Jess grabs her books and runs out of the room and run down the hall. Jess runs past Ray's class.

*Ray Ray's POV*

I see Jess run down the hall, i knew something wrong so i asked the teacher to go to the bathroom and ran after her. As i loose her i run past the bathrooms i thought i heard crying so i backed up. Would she go in the boys or girls room? I'm guessing Girls. So i walk into the girls room and see Jess crying on the floor. I run over to her and comfort her.

end of POV

Ray: "whats wrong?"

Jess: "first Addison called me a sl*t, second Prod and Addison started makingout, then i ruin out of the room." Jess cries harder into Ray's chest.

Ray: "well Prod's been a whole different person since you moved."

Jess: "it's my fault?"

Ray: "no. i never said that, i got your back, i won't let anything happen to you i promise."

Jess: "Prodigy's my tour guys for the next week."

Ray: "what class you got next?"

Jess: "i don't know." Jess takes out her schedual and hands it to Ray.

Ray: "oh i have that class. Roc does too. Oh here's my number if you ever need anything, need to talk i got ya, bored i got ya." Hands Jess his number.

Jess: "Thank you, i can really count on you." Looking at Ray.

Ray: "lets say i'm only doing it for you."

Jess: "really?"

Ray: "yeah i never ran after any girls that ran down the hall crying."

Jess: "awwh i feel special."

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