Coming To America

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Fuck. Shit. Cunt. Wanker.

These were the works i were chanting inside my head. i slowly breathed out as i collapsed onto my bed.

"Marley" It was obviously Jackie, she was my mother. A horrid one at that. She was an alcoholic bitch whose lifetime ambittion was to make my life utter shit, which as off last month she had achieved. You see, she had met a new guy, Ryan. An utter prick if you ask me. Well, anyways, apparently her and Ryan were getting serious. Nothing i really cared about until of course he was offered a new job... in America.


"For fuck sake" i muttered silently as i pushed myself off my bed. I dragged myself through my now empty room and drifted down stairs.

I was met with an unwelcoming glare. "What?" I asked my so called 'mother'

"Next time i shout you, come quicky here. Got it?" She was packing the last of the kitchen up, only glaning up when she said 'Got it?' to make sure i got the message.

"Got it" I sarcastically said while picking up a stray apple and biting into it. Again, she glanced up, this time raising her eyebrows in disapproval at my tone of voice. Fuck her.

"What you want?" i asked, paying more attention to my apple than to my own mother.

She stood upright now. Placing her right hand on her lower back for support. With her left hand she wiped her brow letting out a sigh. She now turned her attention to me. "Just making sure you have everything packed, we leave in 30"

God i knew all this, she reminded me every 5 bloody minutes. "Yeah Jackie, i am aware" Again sarcastically, i was good at sarcasm.

"Im your mother, don't call me that" She didn't even care really, you could tell. While saying this she was washing off the units, didn't even look at me once. I nodded my head slowly whilst walking out of the room.

How could she do this to me? I was just starting my life! I had just turned 16! I had finished school and really looking forward to college. I didn't want to move to America. I loved England. The shit rain, the wind, the mud. Everything.

I walked up to the car slowly dragging my feet. I looked at my house, i was going to miss it. I had had my first kiss at that front door. I had had my first real sleepover in that room right over there. I had watched my dad walk out of my life forever from that window. Yep, i had some good, and some bad memories here. I was going to miss it. I thought of everything as we drove away, my child hood home getting further and further away.

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