broken glass ..shattered heart part 2

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*after school *

I was walking home alongside my brother and a group of his friend it wz all awkward so I crossed over the road and a girl was walking past and said hey after a while we had a conversation and it turns out she lives a road away from me her name was Chloe. as I got home I had a drink and went to my room as I plopped my bag on my bed my phone buzzed I opened a text from a random number and it read "how was ur first day? wait why am I asking I know it was terrible u probably walked around alone ....u want friends y don't u come to the park and we'll beat it into u???? xx luv Estelle"

how did she get my number I got a new phone and I only have two of my friends numbers the rest got lost??? questions ran through my mind and I couldn't take she started texting me none stop for about an hour. I ran into the bathroom and slammed the door and as I did the toothbrush pot fell and smashed. I couldn't control the urge I picked up a piece of glass I could hear my mom running up the stairs but it was too late as I rolled up my sleeve the cold glass slit through the. skin on my wrist. with my mom banging on the door I pressured the glass back on my soft delicate scar and cut it open. I just couldn't stop. my brother was begging for me to stop.

"your gonna kill yourself please just stop!! " he screamed "NO ALEX NO I CANT TAKE IT ..." as I said those words the tears exploded out my eyes.

*Alex pov *

I was banging on the door more as I heard my sister cry my mom had gone down and rang he younger sister who was very close to Victoria.

I heard the glass scatter on the floor again. "Vicky please " I shouted she went for more glass. after about five minutes I heard another glass break ...

*Victoria pov *

with my phone in my hand I read more texted they. were constant I don't know wat to do my wrist was bleeding more and blood was all over the floor. my phone started

to buzz again as it did I grabbed the small mirror and threw it against the wall. my brother banged on the door and I heard feet running towards the door and my Auntie stephs voice. it was no help I burst into more tears and took the sharpest shard of glass...

the last thing I remember is loads of blood and my aunt Steph picking me up out of glass ...

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