After sixth period it was finally time for Biology. I couldn't wait to hear Kyle say "I got you" When I walked in Biology class he was no where to be found. When I stopped looking for him, I saw Jack coming closer to me. I knew what he was going to ask. " Hi Jack." " Hi, so do you want to be my Lab partner today?" He asked waiting for a reply. I waited, and stalled but neither Kyle came to my rescue or Ashley. " Sure." I sighed. The whole time all he did was try and sniff my hair. The I could have sworn his hand rubbed my thigh. I did'nt even care, I just wanted to know where the hell was Kyle. After what seemed like a eternity, class finally ended. " Ashley have you seen Kyle?" I asked her. " someone missing their love?" She asked. No, and he is not my love." I said trying to convince myself.     " Listen, text me, when you go on your date, and I will do the same." Ashley said. " Sure" I laughed. After our talk I went home and showered again. It took me forever to find a outfit. Thinking I was going out with Kyle i wanted him to remeber what he used to have. I wore a tight-fitting black dress with four-inch cheetah print heels. The school called and said my date would be at Olive Garden dressed in a black suit with a red, yellow tie. Why would Kyle being wearing a suit? I got in my car and started to drive there. When I finally got there. Before I got out of the car, I got a text message from Kyle saying" I'm so sorry, but i didn't win you. Some guy got me by like thousand bucks." What? Then who the hell was my date?!!

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