Chapter One

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This is my first story, so please give me some feed back. Hope you enjoy:)


Chapter One

"I call, Rose Carter to the stand," Mrs. Evalynn said. As I walked my blonde curls flowed back and forth. I walked over to the witness stand and sat down in it. I looked up and my stomach sank. I looked over at my dad as he stared at me.

I took my eyes off of him to look at Mrs. Evalynn, that held a bible out to me, "please put your hand on the bible." I did so and she went on, "do you swear to tel the truth and nothing, but the truth?"

"I swear," I said then she took the bible away.

She turned back around towards me, "how old are you Rose?"

I leaned towards the little black microphone, "I'm fifteen."

"When did the melesting start?" she asked.

"When my mom got with Paul," I answered.

"When was this?" she asked.

I looked at my mother and answered, "when i was four."

"Where was your real dad at the time?" she asked me.

I sighed, "he died from a car crash before my mom ever had me."

She walked closer to me, "why did you not tell?"

I looked down, "he played as if it was a game and if I'd tell I would get in trouble."

She turned around towards the people, "and what did he call these so called games?"

I looked up at everyone, "he had all kinds of names for them. One of them was called tickle spot." I ooked over to see my mother crying.

"Can you tell us what he did to you in the tickle spot game?" she asked.

The man from my fathers table stood up, "I object your honor!"

Judge Tackson looked at him, "objected. Rose you may return to your seat." I got up and spead walked back to my seat. Mrs. Evalynn came and sat back in her seat to.

The man from my dads table stood back u and Mrs. Evalynn whipered to me, "that's Mr. Franklin."

Mr. Franklin turned facing the judge, "I call Becky Long to the stand." Becky is my mom, she has my dads last name and I have my biogical fathers last name. My mom walked into the stand and they handed her the bible too.

After she swore to tell the truth Mr. Franklin asked, "Becky, how did you and Paul meet?"

"I was friends with his cousin Amy and she intruduced us," my mom answered.

"And how soon did yall get together?" he asked.

My mother hesitated and then said, "about a month after we meet."

Mr. Franklin nodded his head, "did you work at the time?"

"Yes, I worked at the nursing home," she answered.

"Who watched Rose?" he asked.

"Paul," she said looking down.

"How long did you work?" he asked.

My mom looked back up, "sunday through Friday and worked nights 11:00 pm to 7:00 am."

Mr. Franklin nodded again, "so, you left your daughter with this man you've know for a month?"

My mom started to cry again, "yes."

The judge banged his hammer down, "court dismissed." My mom ran to me and gave me a hug. I looked over her shoulder and watched my dad walk away, still with all his freedom. Two months after everything first came out he was took to jail. But, he ended up staying a day because his couzin Amy bailed him out. It's been almost a year now and he still hasnt went back. My lawyer says, "he'll get what he deserves."

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