Fair I'll never forget, no matter how hard i try

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We pulled in the parking area, the

sun was just about to set. it was warm, and I was excited as I'd ever been, but nervous as hell too. here came Conner, out from behind a car. His brown shaggy hair swaying as he walked, his cutoff shirt displayed his firm arms and torso very well. his tight dark wrangler jeans made his butt look pretty good too, and he was wearing his boots he always war, which gave him maybe six or seven inches more of height. he came up && opened the passenger side door, and I slid out. waving goodbye to my mom, I grabbed his hand && we headed down to the rides. It wasn't as packed as it usually was, so we barely had to wait in line. But standing in line for the swings, my favorite ride of all times, Conner's mom walked up and made some small talk with us. She said after we rode the swings, we should come and watch the Demolition Derby with her and Conner's sister Courtney. So we agreed we would. We rode the swings holding hands. the whole time the only thing I could think about was later on, once it got dark. tonight would be the night, with this amazingly sexy guy that I loved and had for almost nine months now. I was ready, but I was scared too. This was a huge step, and we'd both agreed we were ready. But we had never done anything this big. Getting off the swings my knees were weak. He grabbed my hand, smiled and told me I looked beautiful tonight and kissed my cheek. We walked through the gravel over to the old wooden bleachers looking for his mom and sister. he spotted them before me, so I let him lead the way. we sat there for awhile not talking, just glancing around watching the cars become nothing but rolling dents of rust. It was starting to get dark, and I could tell something was bothering Conner he was really anxious. He couldn't sit still. After a few more minutes, I guess he couldn't take it, he stood and mumbled that we were going to go walking around in the fields. His sister snickered, and his mom looked at us with that Ahh Ha look every mother gave. But Conner didn't pay attention, he grabbed my hand and off we went. He asked me if there were anymore rides I wanted to ride, or if I wanted to go watch the tractor pull or get something to eat. It was still dimly lite out and I didn't want any possible chances of getting caught, so I said lets go see the tractors. So, he lead the way down to where his dad was and we sat down beside him. we made small talk, his dad picked with me about the hot pink streak I had in the underneath of my hair. But after awhile Conner started getting fidgety again, so he wanted to get up and leave, he was ready. so we said our goodbyes to his dad and headed out to the parking fields. it was dark now, and I could see how nervous Conner actually was. He wasn't a virgin, but he said when he lost his he couldn't even remember. it was a wasted random party fuck, with a chick he couldn't even remember the name of or any physical features of. But he was nervous now. His voice was shaky and his palms were sweaty. I stopped him in the middle of the lonely field, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his amazing lips ever so lightly. I could feel his lips break into a smile under mine. I pulled away and whispered

"you know, we don't have to if you don't want to. we can just find a spot and keep doing this." I kissed him again, this time with more force. pulling away and shaking his head he said

"no baby I want to, I want you so bad. im just really nervous, I don't want anything to happen "

he pulled me in closer to him, and we stood there just hugging for awhile. I liked that he had such a height advantage over me, I could stand with my head leaning on his chest and hear his heart beat. Finally he let go of me and lead me to a corner at the edge of the field where it was almost completely covered with shrubbery. just a small opening, enough space for probably three people to stand under. so we sat down there, and as soon as my butt was on the ground, we started kissing lightly at first, but then getting more forceful but playful. I loved the way his lips felt against mine. Slowly he got up onto his knees && positioned himself in between my legs and slowly I lowered myself backwards til I was laying completely flat and him completely ontop of me. I could feel his rock hard dick through his jeans. then he just stopped and sat up pulling me up with him. He put his arms around me and pulled me into his lap, kissing and nibbling on my neck. I giggled a little. I was ready, I wanted him so badly. he spoke then, and kind of caught me off guard,

"baby do you really want to, this is all up to you. I want to so bad, and just with you. but I don't want to be pressuring you to do anything . if you're scared or anything ... just say something . I don't want to hurt you .... " his voice trailed off.

"boo, I want to. I really do." I whispered, I couldnt seem to find my voice. but I knew I was ready. at that he slid me off his lap and got back in between my legs. we starred kissing again, and he slowly slipped his tongue into my my mouth drawing circles on mine with his. then he started messing with my shorts, unbuttoning them, then slipping them down my legs taking my black lace thong with him. I lifted my hips so that he could slip them down all the way. I gasped at the cool night breeze that I felt down below. I wasn't paying attention, the next thing I knew was he was about to enter me, and was kissing my neck. Then I felt the pressure of him as he slipped all the way in slowly, then taking all his length out, then pushing back in with more force and speed. He felt amazing, this was amazing. I let out a soft little moan as he kept going. but then he stopped abruptly, looked down at me and kissed me, then he pulled out and zipped his pants back up. I laid there as he pulled my underwear and shorts back up to my hips. I pushed his hand away and buttoned them myself. Was that really it? was that all that was going to happen? if it was, that was one sucky first time. he saw the shocked look on my face and sat me up to face him. he kissed me then said

"that's not it baby, trust me. im going to make you moan and whimper. I just want to find a more secluded place " he glanced at the fence then, and I picked up his idea. but it was a barb wire fence, and me as a klutz didn't wanna get all cut up. So he put his hand on my butt and one hand one the part poking out so it didn't cut me. then he jumped the fence himself and grabbed me up forcefully and playfully pushed me backwards to the ground. I left and fell back and him ontop of me. he said " take your shorts off baby while I put the condom on "

I didn't pay attention the first, I guess he didn't put it on. wow, I should've made sure, but then shook the thought out of my head. he got it on faster than I could get my pants down. so he grabbed the edge of them and pulled them down to my ankels and instructed me to leave them there. so I did as he said, and then let me knees fall to the side opening up wider . he pushed his way in again slowly, and I moaned at the feeling him inside me again. he started picking up his pace again, and with every thrust I began to match him. we moved in unison. our breathing got heavier, and my moans became more louder. and that drove him to go harder and faster, pushing deeper and deeper. I closed my eyes and tried to gain control over my breathing. he was groaning and it was so sexy. my barrier was just about to break, when he gave one final thrust, then pulled out fast, and took the condom off so that his cum shot into the grass. I laid there a second, then began dressing myself, as he did the same. I was still trying to gain control of my breathing, when he scooped me up in his arms and kissed me again. he whispered "thank you baby, that was so amazing ... I love you with all my heart and only you. "

"I love you too Conner. and Happy early birthday boo " I whispered back.

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