Chapter 1: Reunited N It Aint Feel So Good !

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Ashley POV 9 Years ago

Im standing at the alter watching my mother get married to her new husband Robert, Rob for short. It was always me and my mom, my dad died when I was 4 in a driveby everysince then it been me and her.

When I first met Rob he seemed nice I mean he made my mom so happy so it made me happy. Now 2 years later here we are at the wedding.

".. You may now kiss your bride" the pastor said

Well I guess its official now, Rob is my step dad

-at rhe reception-

"now welcome Mr and Mrs.Tyler" the dj said

Everybody was dancing and having a good time I was sitting at a table watching everybody thats when my mom Mo'Nae came and sat down with me.

"hey sweetie, havin fun?" Mom said

"yeaa, its cool" I said with no emotion

"whats wrong" mom said

"Ifeel like he tryin to take us to a whole new workd I domt wanna move" I said

"im sorry, but this isn't a good aera to raise a family" she said


Ok don't get me wrong Rob is nice but its something fishy about him. When I was outside my bestest friend and neighbor Derrick. Wet been friends since we was now wet 7 to me thats a long time.

"hey" he said

"hi" I said looking down

"you don't wanna move do you?" Derrick said

I shook my head no ! He pulled me into a tight brothly hug and I just sobbed

*2 weeks later*

Welp here is the day I move from Chicago to California, ima miss Chi town but I gotta go to Cali. I said all my goodbyea and my last was to Derrick I will never forget what he told me 'Be strong Ash, I love you don't forget about me we will meet again'.

9 years later

Ahshley POV

Here I am in front of my mirror covering up my bruises with tons of makeup. Its the first day of senior year for me, you can say ima outkast but a outkast will stand out before me. I have no friends imean NO FRIENDS everysince I moved out here I havent had any.

When I moved out here everything was cool until 5 years later my sister Mya was born my mom couldn't get her body back and I was just starting to get one. I guess Rob noticed, I remember the day like it was yesterday he just came in my room and locked the door. Just thinkin about that day give me chills, how can my own step father rape me, every since that day he and his friends been doing it and my mom still dont know he threathen to kill me if I did, they reason why I have all these bruises is because I try to fight back while they rape me. Now Mya 4 1/2 I went in her room I saw that she was still sleep so I just let her sleep in until breakfest was done. I went downstairs and went in the kitchen I was making pancakes, bacon and eggs. I guess Mya smelt the food because I heard her come down the stairs but I felt muslar arms wrap around my waist. My body just frozed it was Rob.

"aye I need you to go to the block tonight" Rob whispered

"no" I said pushing him off me

"you must not want to save up, I know you planning on movin out soon" Rob said whisperin in my ear

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