Chapter 2 - A trip to the past flash back pt 1

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" Dude! that movie was epic!" i laughed opening the front door. " When that creep came out of her bedroom closet and she wakes up, her face was pricless!" Kyle said plopping down on the couch. " want popcorn?" i asked walking to the kitchen. " we just had a hudge bag of it!" was his awnser ' soooo?" i shot back " good point make it up! wheres mom and dad? " he asked he has always called my parents mom and dad being so close to them it doesn't feel right for him to call them Jim and linda. " beats me." i said xomeing out with popcorn and pop. I went to the basement to grab some blankets. " heyy abbs some creeps looking in the front window!" kyle screamed from up stairs. " probably some creep " i said running to the door " get off my property or im calling the cops!" i yelled and that man was long gone. 

           "i'm going to my room to put on my p'js" i declared standing up. " k bring your confy pillow too, and hurry back cause were watching final destination and im scared to fan will fall down setting off a chain reaction and we all die!" he finished in a panic " you watch to many of these movies.. what one are we watching?" " number 5! so hurry your ass up!"  "awe is wittle kyles scared?" i asked in a baby voice " yes! so go now before it satrts." " dont worry you'll be fine" i said rufffaling his hair i ran to my room as he complained about me messing up his perfect hair. 

        I sung open my bedroom door and on my bed sat a small colorful box and a note. i opend the box first. I pulled out a beautiful locket with a picture of me mom and dad on chritsmas morning this last year , i smiled and picked up the note, i wonder why the left me this..

                       " Dear baby girl, You have to know how much we love you. We never wanted to hurt you or walk out on you like this but we had no choice. Theres a very bad guy out there abby who wants us dead and being around you puts you in his path. We cant tell you where we are or call you you wont ever see us again this is very hard sweety but you have to know its not your fault. Stay with kyle he'll keep you safe dont go out alone dont talk to strangers stay well and dont worry about us. Who knows maybe one day this will all be over... love always Mommy and Daddy xoxo"

              My hands were trembabling, i sank to the ground and let the tears flow out. how could they tell me all of that and then say dont worry? why just leave with out a proper good bye? i couln't deal with this alone. "kyle!!!!!!!" I screamed through my tears. He burst through the door and then he saw me. " holy shit abbs whats wrong?" he ran to my side and starred at me. With shaking hands i reached out my hand and showed him the note. " shit, shit , shit , shit." she sank down beside me wraped me in his arms. two 16 year old bestfriends crying ... at the loss of two incredible parents.

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