The Blue Moon

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The blue moon all started at 9:45 pm . when the moon turned blue and everything in the sky disappeared but the moon was still there in the dark sky. That when i woke up and went to my moms and dads room and saw that my dad was gone  and the two cars was still in the garage and all his stuff was still in the same place it was before i went to bed.i woke up my mom and told her dad disappeared.She said are u playing a joke and gut up and look every weres in the house. She look outside and side to me why is the sky dark and the moon is blue, i said i have no clue do u???i ask if see saw my cat walli he is a boy and my said no my mom said see has not see my cat .Isaid to my self that not good my dad is a male right and my cat is a male so something to do with male i am glade i am a girl. i  need to find my dada i will tell u more about my adventure later ,but right now i have to get ready to find my dad and my cat.          

                                                 this will be continued soon please tell me if u like this story??

                                                                               by neongirl600

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