Original Quotes by Mi Friends and I (Mostly me though)

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1. Are all the smiles just an act to survive in this lonesome world?

2. Past, Present, Future, which do you desire? But which do you cherish?

3. Believe in today, believe in faith, believe in your destiny to change. 

4. In this always changing world, what can you expect?

5. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness says one man. But what does it really mean?

6. Life is the key to all possibilities. Death is the key to all beginnings.

7. Do not ask me why. Find out yourself.

8. Money cannot buy anything important to the soul itself.

9. You make everyone happy, everyone smile. But deep within you, suffers sad and weak cries. Is that fair?

10. Being smart is all that good, but being wise is anything and everything that's possible.

11. Oh Mother Nature, how you nurture us. While we repay you with the destruction of lives.

12. Only oneself can measure the self significance and brilliance. 

13. Accepting opinions, accepting humans are the acceptance of the well-known world.

14. It is fairly amusing to see someone searching for something right in front of them.

15. Respect the living, respect the dead, but respect yourself above them all.

16. Life is not a challenging question. It is just a series of mazes for you to get through.

17. Reality is merely a dream where everything materialize.

18. A book is the fountain of knowledge for you. To me, it's the limited idea of its topic.

19. Remember the past, live the present, and believe the future.

20. Forgive the evil, punish the gentle, allow the cheat, murder the innocent. I'm sorry to say, this is part of life.

21. No matter who you are. Do no be afraid to be judged. Because you are the only self.

22. Are mirrors the reflector of your appearance or mind? Could the person in the mirror be or not be you? Same body, yet another soul?

23. What is a creator? None of the animals have seen the creator.

24. Listen to the Silence with your heart. Can you hear?

25. Superior, Inferior. One of the things that humans always fought for. Tragic...


Author note: Haii! So I just write these in my free time cuz I have nothing much to do ;)

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