Eathans POV

Wow. Just wow. My mate did that. How can she do that? She’s human and she seriously turned this blonde bimbo in to a blue berry, and the teacher let her get away with it. Worry about girl later, must find mate, James my wolf whined.

Later, I told him, when we get out of school.

That calmed him for now. As we went on with our day, I started fidgeting, I wanted to find my mate. Emily told me she was mute so I might have to learn sign language. My whole pack moved here with me the only wolf pack to live around here is wolves that don’t shift, and they are just animals so we can take it.

Final bell rang as I burst out the door. I was eager to find my mate as I followed her scent deep in to the woods. I was getting closer to the original wolf pack, they better not have harmed her. If they have I will rip them to shreds and leave the bones for other animals to munch on. I heard growls as I got closer, then I heard a beautiful sound, laughter. Mate, James said.

Then I saw her racing with the wolves, howling with them, play fighting with them. In my head I heard James say since she runs with wolves she will accept us because we are wolves as well. I shifted in to my wolf form and walked in to the clearing.

The playing stopped immediately, and all males went to defensive crouches or shoved the little ones in to the den. My mate watched me cautiously, the alpha came and growled at me. "What do you want shifter?" he snapped, "we do not like trespassers."

"But yet you allow a human on your land?" I questioned.

"Mikia, here has been in my pack for many years, she is my cub," he barked.

"Father please, I’m not a cub anymore," said a heavenly voice, "I shall take care of him go by mamma and play with the little ones."

My mate talks, there is a shocker. She motioned for me to follow her. We were walking for a while before either of us spoken, "so your pack is moving in."

It wasn’t a question, "Yes, if I may, how can you understand wolves?"

"I have lived with wolves all of my life, I am rarely away from them except for at school," she replied.

"How long were you with the wolves?"

"A long time," she replied, a weird look in her eye.

"How long?" I asked.

"13," she said.


"No, years."

I stopped dead. "Where are your parents?"

"There is your home and my boundary line, I go no further," she said, skipping my question.

As I walked passed her I noticed no emotion in her eyes. I looked back at her but she was already gone. Going upstairs I got ready for bed, and the lasting I thought before I slept was, how did she know where I lived?

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