Captive of mind noise

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***WARNING: This may be disturbing, or offensive to some. Note that none of this is true, and that it is purely fictional. It is not intended to be hurtful or demeaning in anyway. It is a short story; it's sole purpose is to entertain. 

    Read at your own risk, and it is written for audiences of 13 years or older.  I do not take blame for anything that is written. All rights reserved, so please no copyright. 

   Also, it's unedited, so I'll get to it later. I'll be posting several short stories, so keep an eye open :D

   Enjoy! :)

   Darkness surrounded me, and it tore me open. The door had been closed for a half hour, and through the peep hole I made when I first came to this awful place, I could see the moon's gleam against the olden day stone floor. All the torches were blown out, not a single light was left other than the moon's lonely shine, like an echo of mine own heart. I listened intensely for the resounding noises from down the halls, but nothing reached my ears.


   That was all that could be heard. Just silence.

   A splitting sound of emptiness and barrenness.

   I sank to my knees, tears streaming down my paled face. My knotted and blood-matted hair fell in front of my eyes, hiding the little light that there was from me. Whatever happened to the boy, Ty? What did they do to him? Why did his screams stop?

    I tried to wipe away the tears, but when I drew my hand away, it felt sticky and thick.

   I was crying blood.

    Crimson and angry. 

    Hysteria began to set in, the shackles on my wrists feeling tighter. The clanking of metal rang behind my ears, my mind raging with fury, one not of my own. My body shook, and writhed. I fell onto my stomach, sobs racking me entirely... I began to drag my sore body to the bed across the floor. My legs were too weak to carry me much more, the now healing stab wound in my side becoming too intensely painful.

   I was going to die.

   Like Ty.

   A sob choked off in my throat, my head pounding as the blood fought for a way out of this tied down body. I was gagging, again and again. My life, a captive behind all the screaming my mind made, the noises that gripped me tighter than these shackles. I was tired, and afraid, so very afraid...

   Fear. A vice.

   Pain. A fist.

   It was all so crippling!

   This crazy house was no peaceful getaway!

   They trick the family into thinking that their insane child will be safe and happy here, and then they torture them into sanity. They lock us up, like abused and wild dogs. They chain us, beat us, whip us, hurt us, sometimes even Kill us!

   We are their life-sized voodoo dolls; puppets they can torment and control.

    Agony rippled through my veins as thick as adrenaline; blood crawling on my pale and too-tight skin. I hadn't eaten a real meal in months, so no fat stood between my bones and my skin. Mashed potatoes was a regular meal, maybe some drinking water when they felt like being generous.

   As generous as a lion on his prey.

    If they were being really kind, then perhaps a quarter piece of bread, with a restaurant packet of jam. It was disgusting how my skin was peeling from the malnutrition, and how it clung to me.

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