Unfreed Spirits

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Drifting along this river, this cold river, wherever I am, my spirit can not be set free until someone finds me, when they do it will fly of like a bird on its first flight out of the nest. But I need someone soon or my spirit will forever be trapped.

Chapter 1

Fright On Holiday

Last year we went on holiday to the same place as always, that beautiful house in Portugal, it's always sunny, hot and pretty there, I remember always enjoying it with my mother Susan, my little brother Tom and my little sister Anne, how we kids used to enjoy the beaches and the sea, so much bluer and warmer than the one in England, yet it was the same sea, but you would never believe that when you were a kid, being the oldest out of the three, mother used to sometime leave me with my brother and sister, while she went out and did things that only adults are allowed to do, or only boring adults want to do. We had enough fun playing in the sun shiny swimming pool at the house and pretending to be aeroplanes in the bedroom. By the time it came to bedtime there was no worry with tantrums because we were all so tired that we slept like logs, not even mother coming in late woke us up. The third day across there we decided to go to the town and see what things they had for sale this year, traditionally my mother brought me a fan, a one with beautiful flowers all over it and pretty pattens along the plastic that held it together. Next we decided to see what shoes they had, totally my mums choice, she's addicted to shoes, there where tiny red ones that Anne seamed to take a interest to, but the ones I saw were amazing, beautiful and way out of my price range. Mother stared at me with that face on, that she pulled when she might let me have something.

“you like them, don’t you” she lured me with.

“yes. But they're far too expensive” I answered, sure not to let down my guard.

“I might just go in there and get them for you, I haven't brought you anything for a while” she shouted at me jokingly.

Without another word argued she was back out the shop with a bag, and inside was the beautiful pair of shoes, a hot pink colour which was of was cause my favourite, I wore them all day and all the way home, we took a old fashion way, horse and cart, the horse was so strong it looked like it could bring Big Ben down. Once we got back to the hotel I took the shoes off and placed them gently in the box, with it tidily next to my bed I went to sleep.

The next day my mother had arranged for Anne and Tom to go to a club called the Mickey Mouse Club that was on every weekend, then she gave me some money to spend at the markets and told me that she would meet me there, what did I have to worry about, it's quite a quiet market in the town, a few tourist and a few stalls, not much, I think the only thing I could buy was a few souvenirs for my friends for when I got back, I didn't quite know where my mum was, she had instructed me to go and sit at the fountain at two preciously, but I couldn't see her anywhere, I found a phone box and rung up the house maids, they just noted when I had gone out with her in the morning, I also tried to ring the Mickey Mouse Club and they answered with there stupid saying and then just informed me they hadn't seen her since this morning. Yes I was worried that's why I didn't know what to do, I was nieve, like a baby duck left without its parents. I remember now being stupid and going with a man offering to take me back to the holiday home, he said he would try and find her, but on the way back he turned down a dark dirty ally, I realised I had never been there before, he dragged me out the car with his hand a firmly gripped over my mouth, tugging at my head to make me feel pain and forcing me to be quiet. He dragged me inside this dungeon type area and tied my hands and feet together and put a rope through my mouth. I was in so much shock I couldn't think about what had just happened or how I could save myself, all I thought about was his face, the gleam that he had found a victim, a gleam of a man, sick in the head.

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