Time without you.

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*Sophias POV*

I woke up in Harry's strong arms. I smiled to myself remembering last night. I kissed Harry soft lips and walked downstairs. I saw Zayn sitting on the couch, looking a little glum.

"Hey zaynie poo!" I said poked his cheek.

"hi.." He said with barley any emotion.

"What's wrong?" I asked scooting a little closer.

"It's nothing really." Zayn said looking away.

"Zayn your one of my bestfriends just tell me." I said and turned his face so he was facing me.

"It's katelyn... She's always spending so much time with Harry. She even cancelled our date tonight. Apparently Harry is taking her out." Zayn said. I felt a stabbing pain in my chest.

"Zayn. Trust me Harry doesn't have those feelings for katelyn anymore. If it makes you feel better, I'm free tonight." I said and smiled a sneaky smile at Zayn.

After we formed our plan. Katelyn and Harry came downstairs and said they were going 'out'. Zayn and I acted like we didn't care and kept doing what we were doing.

"Bye babe." Harry came up to me and kissed my cheek.

"Mhmmm" I replied and didnt even turn around. Katelyn snickered in the corner. So I changed my plan.

"oh sorry boo." I turned and gripped Harry's face and kissed his lips so passionately. Harry was kissing back. His kiss was full of love and lust at the same time. We stood doing this for a good 4 minutes. Until katelyn said they were going to be late. I pulled away.

"I love you boo" I said and pecked his nose.

"I love you too bear." Harry said and katelyns mouth was literally on the floor.

"Oh boo I almost forgot. Me and Zayn are going out tonight. Don't wait up" then I walked upstairs. Truthfully me and Zayn aren't going anywhere. We were gonna spy apon Harry and Katelyn.

We were following them. But not to close. Finally they stopped at the park and they were just sitting on a bench talking. Harry was laughing. What was she saying to make him laugh? They just stayed talking for a long time. I don't understand what they are!

"Sophia. Let's get out of here. If they can have fun so can we." Zayn said and stood up. We called Lou and Niall and decided to go to the arcade.

We were playing games. Zayn and Niall decided to leave early because they kept losing. It was just Lou and I. We were on our way home. And stopped for some yummy ice cream. Lou bought mine. He's so sweet.

"So kitty. I'm real sorry Harry keeps spending so much time with Katelyn. I don't understand. They used to not Stand eachother" Louis said as we walked. It was pretty late but we didn't really care.

"It's okay Lou. I realized. Who cares if they spend time together? At the end of the day, Harry's my boyfriend. Not hers." I said as I looked down at my feet.

"Your right kitty." Lou said as we walked up the steps of the house.

"Kitty lets go get pedicures tomorrow.!" Lou yelled like it was his best idea ever.

"Alright Boo Bear." i kissed his cheek as we walked inside. All the lights were off. So I said goodnight to Lou. I went up to my room. I noticed Katelyns room was open. I walked to her room and saw her and Harry sitting on the floor laughing. I walked in and cleared my throut.

"Oh hi bear." Harry said and got up and walked over to me. He kissed me.

"Hi boo. You coming to bed.?" I asked talking his hand in mine.

"Yeah I was just coming. " and with that we left. He didn't say goodbye to katelyn or anything.

*Harrys POV*

I woke up and noticed Sophia sound asleep next to me. She's so cute when she sleeps. She looks like a little child.

I walked down the stairs. I saw Katelyn in the kitchen. I walked in there and grabbed some milk. She turned around.

"Oh good morning Harry!" she said and gave me a hug.

"hi." I said and walked away. Katelyn keeps getting weirder and weirder. First she tells me she has something to tell me at the park last night. When really she didn't. Then she wants me to sit and talk with her last night on her floor.

I sat down on the couch. And noticed Sophia walk downstairs. When she saw me she Ran to me and jumped on me. And kissed me. Someone's in a good mood.

*Sophias POV*

I jumped on Harry and kissed him. Then he started tickling me.

"Har...Y.....st...op..." I said between giggles.he finally gave in and kissed me very sweetly.

Katelyn came in and sat down beside us.

Then Lou ran from upstairs.

"Kitty! Hazzza!!!" and jumped on top of us. We all began laughing. Lou finally picked us up and set us down on the couch. I snuggled into Harry.

"Lou lets post-pone our pedicures. I wanna spend my day with boo" Lou understood. He knew I needed as much time with Harry as I could get.

"Harry I thought you were taking me to the new arcade down the street?" Katelyn asked all sweetly.

"Ask your boyfriend Zayn to take you. I want to spend my day with my beautiful bear." Harry said then kissed me. I felt so happy. He choose me over her.

We were watching movies. Zayn and katelyn decided to join us. I was snuggled into Harry side. Katelyn went upstairs to get something.

"Sophia could you come here? It's a girl issue." katelyn said. I rolled my eyes and went up the stairs what could she possibly want.

When I reached her room she wasn't there. So I was beginning to go downstairs when something pushed me. I flew downstairs and I cried out in pain. When I reached the bottom I hit my head really hard on the edge of the step.

Harry ran to my side. "Bear are you okay? Please bear stay with me. Say your okay p.! Say something bear!" Harry said I could tell he was crying. Liam was calling 911 and Niall had a towel pressed to my head. I guess I was bleeding pretty bad. Lou was crying. I saw him look up the stairs and his eyes went wide with shock.

"I love you boo." I managed to croak out. Then everything went black.

*Harrys pov*

Its been 2 weeks since she fell. I miss her like crazy. The doctors say she could wake up anytime. I haven't left her bedside. I need to be here when she wakes up. The boys visit. Mainly lou and Niall. Zayn and Liam can't stand to see me this way. So they dont come around as often. Katelyn. Well katelyns the same old katelyn. She tries to get me to leave. She doesnt understand I need to be here for her.

"Hi Harry" I turned around and katelyn was there.

"Come on Harry lets go somewhere else. This hospital is so.... Boring." katelyn said. With a disgusted look on her face.

"I need to be here when she wakes up." I said turning back to Sophia.

"Well what if she doesn't wake up?" katelyn said a little anger in her tone.

"She will" I said anger in mine as well.

"I'm sorry Harry." she came over and kissed my cheek. Then walked away.

Sophia if you can hear me. If your in heaven looking down on me. Please come back to me. Please. Being here without you. It's cold. And I don't like it bear. Please love me again bear.

I broke down crying. I can't stand it.

"Boo it's alright I'm here" I heard her perfect voice. I looked up and saw her beautiful brown eyes starring back at mine. I smiled and hugged her. I kissed her face all over.

"Never scare me like that again bear!" I yelled and kissed her some more.

"I love you Harry." she said and kissed my forehead.

I smiled down at her.

"I love you more bear."

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