me and luke

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after that life chaining experience,angelica came up to me, what was that all about? she said. nothing I said. all I could here in my head was his voice saying over and over u saw Nothing, u saw Nothing. I didn't know what to do.all these questions started to build up,should I tell someone Who could i tell, who could I trust. then it came to me,angelica. i new that i just mate her in all,but it seemed like she was the only person i new and the only person i trusted.crazy huh? after school my mom was waiting for me at the car rider line. as i was walking i saw her. ANGELICA, i screamed. hi , we need to talk. so me and angelica walked to the back of the school was were the courts were at. i walked ahead of here and leaned on the fence. so what did u need to talk to me about she said. well i have this secrete that i don't want to tell anyone about but u.ow a secrete, i want tell anyone she said. i toke a deep breath and said , this morning i was in the office getting signed in, yea angelica said . and after i got signed in i went to class, well while i walking there was a girl and this guy kissing, i thought every thing was good until i saw him shut the door fast, then i heard a scream. angelica looked freaked out. what else happened she said . well after i heard the scream he came out all out of breath and a little sweaty, but the thing that really creeped me out was he looked at me. what you do angelica said. i started walking, but get this he started following me so i ran to my class. but Turner's out hes in my class. Waite is that the same guy that grabbed ur arm on the court. yea, wow. OW MY GOD, Rachel turn around. i turned around,OW MY GOD you'll never guess who i saw..... MY HEART DROPPED.


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