Niall's pov

A week later ...

" Niall ??" Louis yelled for me .

" In here boo ! "

" What are you doing in here Ni ,we have sound check in like .." ,looks at his watch ," 10 MINUTES !! "

"Sorry ,I lost track of time.."

" That's okay , just go to the stage and ill be there in a minute ,i have to go tell the boys i found you ."

" okay .."

When I'm fixing to turn the corner Louis yells " Wait !!! " I turn around to find Louis inches away from my face ," What ? " I ask .

" I wanted to give you this .." and he kisses me . It had been atleast a week since me and Lou started dating and that I had been out of the hospital . Even within a week ive started to get weaker , the other day Louis grab my side to hug me and left a bruise . I usually cant keep a meal down , and its even gotten hard to breathe . Louis pulls aways from the kiss and asks " Is everything okay Ni ? "

" I'm fine !" I lie and fake a smile .

" Will you be able to do the concert tonight ?" he asks

" Yeah !! " That time I didn't lie .After I hear our fans yelling for us Ill be fine ,they always make me feel better.

" okay ... I love you Ni ."

" I love you too Boo ." I give him the best hug I can without hurting myself . He finally hugs back but I can tell he's holding back cause he doesn't want me to get hurt either . As I was about to turn on the hallway where the stage is I hear two people talking about something , I stop and listen .

" if you don't tell them , ill leave you ." sounds like harry . so i listen to even more of the conversation.

" Can you just give me time ,Harry you know I love you right ??" OMG IS THAT ZAYN ??

"I know ,I know . I just feel like you don't want to tell them cause your ashamed of me .." says the guy i think is harry.

" Hazza Boo I want to tell the world !! Just what if simon does to us what he is doing to Louis and Niall ?? " says the person i think is Zayn . WTF IS SIMON DOING TO ME AND LOUIS !?!?!?!?!?!?

" Fine we'll wait .. " before they walk off i look and see that its Zayn and Harry .. KISSING ..KISSING ??!?! Since when did that happen ??

As they walk off hand in hand I run off trying to find Louis ..I want to know whats going on between Me and him ..and Simon ??

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