Will You, Be My Bad Boy?

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Niall's POV

It was a long day, and we just finished another concert. I was so tired, but I wanted to see my best friend, Zayn Malik. As soon as we left the stadium he went straight to his bedroom, that worried me. He usually always stays out with us and we'd go out to eat, or something along the lines of that. I knocked on his door as soon as I reached it "Zayn? You in there? Is everything alright?" "Yeah...You can come in, Niall." He called, he sounded like he was upset, I walked in and sat down on the bed next to him "Are you okay mate?" "I'm fine, Niall." He said, I didn't belive him 'Are you sure about that?...You sound like you've been crying...And you look like it, too. "I'm just tired," "Then why don'tyou go to sleep then?..." I asked, feeling tired myself. "No reason." he said "Okay. Goodnight then." I said, while walking away "Night, Niall." He called. While walking away I thought "Danm...That was my chance...I should've asked him out...He probably would've rekected me anyway...Oh well." I then walked into my hotel room, shut the door, and layed down on my bed, as I slowly closed my eyes, and tried to fall asleep. I coulden't, I kept dreaming about Zayn...He finallly gave up on sleeping, and decided to turn the telivision on, and watch anything he could find, while channel surfing.

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