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Started: August 15, 2014

Ended: November 17, 2014



I'm Her Bestfriend

But I'm also her Stalker

Why I'm Stalking her? Simply, Because i want to Protect her.

Because I Like her and I Love her More than friends.

Minahal ko siya kung ano man siya ngayon at noon. and i can wait for her

I can wait the time she will say that She loves me too, More than Friends. More than Best Friends.

Kahit na dumating man ang mga maging Karibal ko sknya Ganun ko siya kamahal, Kahit na Tumagal man ng Tumagal...

Hindi parin ako susuko sa pagma-Mahal ko sknya

Dahil alam kong Darating yung araw na,

Sasabihin niyang Mahal niya rin ako <3

Can she accept it if Malaman niya na ang BESTFRIEND niya ay ang Stalker din niya?

Paano kung sa araw na a-amin sana siya na Mahal ka niya ay ang araw rin pala na malalaman niya na ikaw rin pala ang Stalker niya ??

Matangap kaya niya?



© BestLuck143

Date Started : August 15, 2014

Date Ended : October 22, 2014

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