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"Kaylee! I thought you left me forever! Oh my gosh, what happened to you?!" Louis went from happy to see me to really worried, I can't blame him though.

"I might have sprained my ankle but I'll be fine, let's just go back to the hotel louis.." I wanted to forget everything that happened but I can imagine louis is going to keep on apologising

"Kaylee, can we forget this happened?"

"I'd like that, Louis." I smiled and a relief washed all over me, thank god.


Today was the day we finally left Hawaii, we were to stay longer but we were pretty home sick and to much had happened here, home is better

We were at the airport ready to board the plane, but then it was delayed by a couple of hours so we had a lot of time to kill

"let's go for a walk Kaylee" our bags were already boarded and ready but the weather was just a bit risky

I grabbed ahold of Kaylee's soft hand and held it proudly while we walked down the walkways

She kept looking at me while smiling, we didn't mention the incident from te other night which made things better and happier

I was planning on doing something soon, it was really drastic and risky, but what the hell? You only live once

I wasn't quite sure if I was ready to do it yet but I definitely would be anytime now

"Kaylee, i love you." I felt the need to tell Kaylee that because I felt as if i haven't been saying it as much lately

"I love you to" Kaylee smiled and then she stopped at the front of a gift shop and admired everything thing in the store windows

Her face lit up brightly when she spotted a really nice ring but her face soon dropped once she discovered the price

Damn, I would normally spoil her and get it, but this was way over my budget.

Oh well, maybe next time.

We walked around for a while popping In and out of little stores ere and there when it was finally time to board the plane and head back home


The plane ride was really quiet, Kaylee was sleeping and I was just staring out the window looking down at the world.

Ah, so good to get to know I'll be in my own bed soon not the hard beds at the crummy hotel.

At the time I thought it was snazzy but looking back at it, it wasn't

I wanted to make a cute gesture towards Kaylee, see I guess I will share the secret

I know we are only 18, but I would really love to marry her, I know it's BIG and out there, but I want to spend the rest of my life with her, she's amazing, I don't want to let her go, no matter how much we disagree

I'm just scared of how she will react, she does dramatise, and is scared of doing a lot of things, but if she truly loves me and is ready for a commitment then she'll know to go with her heart.

The plane ride was soon over and I shook Kaylee to alert her that it was time to get off, she smiled and whispered "home sweet home" I couldn't help but feel the same way

I grabbed her hand and trudged of the plane with her, we were pretty jetlagged

"I'm so tired babe." Kaylee yawned with happiness, if that makes sense, only because she was home

I really wish Hawaii had turned out a bit better, and I wish we could've stayed longer but that place just isn't for us, we argued there and that's not good

"So Kaylee what do you wanna do now?" I didn't really wanna do much but I had to ask

"Hmmm, a lot." She smiled with excitement, oh no.


"Nah" she chuckled

"You scared me babe." I said this with much seriousness

"Nah all I wanna do is-"

"Sleep." I cut her off, that's what we needed right now.

Kaylee grinned, "exactly."

we got home and had a good sleep, I woke up a bit early so I could plan something

I pulled out a 12 karat diamond ring out from my underwear drawer, an engagement ring

Kaylee was still asleep and I thought it would be cute for her to wake up and find this on her ring finger

I thought of this idea while I was on the plane, i crossed my fingers because I thought this was a pretty good plan.

Ah, don't jinx it louis.

I looked at the ring one last time, I then bent down beside my sleeping beauty and I carefully picked up her hand

I slipped on the ring as carefully as I could, "looks perfect." I smiled at the sparkling garment

"Now we wait."

I was sitting in the lounge room watching something random when I heard Kaylee call out for me frantically

It's time.

"What's the matter baby?" I looked at her as if i was worried and had no clue at all, she was very confused and clueless right now

"What is this?"

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