Mum had dropped me off at the Station. I went to the Platform 9 3/4, and waited for the Express. It rolled up five minutes later. I chose our empty compartment. It had been raining the past few days. Almost like it was to remind me of what happened. I know I would never forget her, even if Itried. I just could not forget her, she would always be in the back of my mind. I opened her diary and read it out loud to myself. She was always experimenting, it was part of her job. I actually had no idea what her job had been. I just never bothered to know. At that thought I felt drops of water running down my face. 

I think she was some sort of consultant for some sort of Dangerous Potions and Particles, or something like that. But the fact that I had never really known what she did as a job made me feel guilty. I had spent so much time with her, but yet, it felt like I barely knew her in some ways. 

I closed the diary and took out some books of hers. I packed them with me to take on the train.  Another small reminder of her. I had also taken her favorite sweater. I put it on. It was a bit big, but I could see why it was her favorite. It was warm and soft. And matched with everything. It was white with light coloured flowers. It had looked so pretty on her. I looked out of the window. It was raining even harder. But I could tell we were almost there. I got my blue and silver robes out, and got changed. Only twenty minutes left. I took out my notebook, surprisingly there were no messages for me. I packed everything back up and checked to make sure I had everything with me. I did. Twenty minutes later I got off the train and boarded a carriage. Then I didn't even enter the Great Hall, and instead went up to my Common Room. "What asks but never answers?" The Knocker asked. "An owl." I reponded. 

The door swung open to the Room. I ran staright up to my shared room. Rebecca was in there, working on her homework. There was a pile of papers and books on my bed. "Thats your homework." She said without even looking up from her writing a paper. I put my trunk at the end of my bed and unpacked everything, made sure it was completely organized and then sat down to do my homework. I had Charms, History of Magic, Potions, Arithmency, and Muggle Studies homework. Half of it, to my surpise and joy, was reading. 

I had my homework finished quickly. And went down for supper in the Great Hall at 7:16 PM. I was a little late, but Rebecca had saved a spot for me. I had some some fish chowder, mashed potatoes, and milk. After that desert appeared. I had ice cream, and a milkshake. I think I needed the ice cream. It cheered me up a little. After that I went up to the Common Room, and let the first years answer the Knocker's question. Took them a little bit, but they figured it out. It was quite amusing. I went into the Common Room and read alittle. Then I went upstairs and checked my notebook. It was practically what Muggles called 'Email'. There was one from Gisela. She asked whether I was fine, or not. I told her what happened. She understood what was happening. I asked her to tell Lena for me. I didn't quite feel like telling anyone in person, yet. I got into my pajamas and slid into the eiderdown. It was so nice and warm I didn't even notice I closed my eyes...

I was standing ina grassy field. The one right by our house, where we used to always play with our toy broomsticks. Marissa was there with me. It was only the two of us. Her blue eyes gleamed joy, and her smile radiated happiness. She was so happy...Then she just fell to the ground. Just fell. I ran over to her. She was shaking. She writhed on the ground, her eyes shut tightly, as if trying to fight away pain. Then everything was still. She had opened her eyes, I bent over her. "Alyssa McKail, I-" She stopped breathing. I hugged her close, sobbing. She had just been so happy just five minutes ago. Then the clouds darkened and lightning crashed. Thunder boomed. I ran to our house clutching her...

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