I'm strong but I break

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Mum is still trying to keep me alive. She has my brother to have bones taken out now. I know how he feels, he is dislexic but Mum doesnt even know. Dad has tried so hard to tell her but she just won't listen. Her whole world is out there and she thinks its me. I was pushed out of the hospital. I had to be in a wheelchair because I was to weak to walk. Michael was pail. before all the sickness spread he was tanned and had smoth skin. It was almost like, he was fading. I reached over and tapped him on the shoulder. He looked at me "yes?" he asked I answered with a sly smile "Can I talk to you?" He pushed me into the lounge room and sat me on the lounge. "Yes?" he asked "When I die, I want you to promise me that you will keep living, because I will always be right here, next to you, laughing at your silly impressions and talking to you, Eating like a grot with you, but Life goes on, with or without me." He nodded and we hugged before fighting over the remote again. I won of course and I turned it to the channel he was going to choose. I guess I just wanted to spend the time thinking, of If there is anything after death. If this might be the last time I see him, them, me. Life might be short but if you were in my state its longer waiting for it to unfold than living.  Nobody can tell the future, simply because God wanted it to be unseen, just in case you didnt like what you saw. Michael moved my stuff downstairs because I no longer was able to walk up the stairs, or in this case, walk at all.

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