In the police station, I come to the front desk, "May I help you?" The officer behind the desk asks kindly.

 "Hi, someone I know who recently is locked up as of right now? Officer Mark called me and said to come down?" I explain.

 "Oh, ok. You're the girlfriend--- Kaeylin Marie Griffin, right?" He smiled.

 "Yes." I nod my head. I then followed the officer into a big room with a small detention cell at the corner of the room. Another officer who has a nametag named, Mark stands up, "Hi, you're Kaeylin?" 

"Yes that's me." I shake his hand politely, "Is everything alright?"

"Actually, no ma'am, it's not. You're boyfriend here, Connor, has been charged with a DUI." Officer Mark says.

"A DUI?!" I shriek giving Connor a look who was in the locked up cell.

"Yes. When I pulled him over for speeding I had a suspicion of him drinking so I got him to take a Breathalyzer test and he failed." He explains.

"Failed the test? What did he score?" I ask.

"His score was .08, barely the legal limit. So he was arrested and is determined to spend the night in jail." Mark goes on.

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