He picked up the guitar

"Ill but you a new one."


"Sure whatever."

I then grabbed my necklace and snapped it in half

"Oh no my necklace!..."

".......U just broke that..."

"No it broke a long time ago, just now i pointed it out."

" Ok well i guess i can get you a new necklace too."

"OMG GREAT btw its like all gold it wasnt from Walmart or anything.."

"Um ok."

I decided to break all of my belongings and shove whatever precious things I could up my vagina

First it was the guitar and necklace.
I even came on all my sex toys so he could buy a new
I then killed my horse in which he replaced with a unicorn.

Then i pushed my TV from the upstairs window. he replaced it with a 200 inch TV. I stopped after all my clothes as shoes which i threw in various locations like the fireplace, firepit, and garbage disposal.

Getting new things was great but what i really wanted,him *wink WINK*

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