Back to the way we were

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(Kelli's POV)

"That! And that! And ice cream definitely ice cream!" I say excitedly. We both giggle. "Maybe we should've eaten before coming here." I say. We laugh "yeah we should've!" He replies. He stops pushing the basket and turns to me. I'm staring at the deli section in blue jean shorts a white plain tee and a grey long sleeved cardigan. I can feel his affection he has towards me. He pulls me in to a hug. He picks up my chin ever so gentle. And we kiss. "We should uh get home." I say awkwardly. It's like I just fell in love with him all ver again.

(Billy's POV)

"Yeah. Uh yeah. " we walk to the check out station. We pay and leave. We're driving home and I glance at her. I see her gazing out the window. "What?" She asks. Caught red handed staring at the most perfect girl in all of existence. " nothing." I reply as we pull into the driveway. We unload the car and stock the fridge. It's dark. "Billy!" She shouts from her room. I run into her room in shock. "What?!" I reply. She has a look of fear. She's on top of the bed jumping and pointing for me to kill a BABY spider. I kill it. And walk back to her bed. We both sit and laugh. I lean in for a kiss. We both slowly lay down as we're kissing. I'm on top of her. I look down at her face as we come up from air. I reach for her hands and pin them down. I slowly switch from holding them with two hands to one. Hoping she doesn't suspect for what I'm about to do. My free hand feels up her side. I'm getting closer and closer. Ha! I got her! I'm now watching her laughing and moving like crazy. I'm tickling her. Somehow she manages to break free. She jumps off the bed and runs out her room. She had changed into an overlarge sweatshirt that looked like a dress on her. I jump and follow after her. She's waiting for me at the end of the hall. I walk slowly towards her. She does the same with her innocent eyes. Her hands behind her back. I come closer but she wasn't so innocent after all. Next thing I know an egg has been cracked upon my head. She's laughing hysterically.

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