Chapter 6 - Just A Game

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Everyone runs towards it and try's to get it to work. But all you here is static. When suddenly you hear a laugh. "It's a shame what happened to your little friend." The voice says as he cracks up laughing.

" Who are you!? What do you want from us.?" Carla yells.

" It's not what I want from you it is simply a game. Only one of you three can survive. You will encounter multiple beings that will stop at nothing to find you and kill you." The voice says.

" Listen I don't know who you are or what you want from us but I can guarantee one thing. I will find you and I will kill you." You say to the Voice.

It suddenly goes static. " What are we going to do." Vic asks

You approach the table that the radio was on and find a piece of paper with numbers on it. It reads '' you sneak the piece of paper into your pocket not letting anyone else see it.

You hear a slash behind you. You turn around to see Carla lying on the floor and Vic standing there with a knife.

" What are you doing? Please don't." You say to Vic as he approaches.

" You heard him Steven, only one of us can survive and I am not planning on dying." He says as he approaches. You suddenly black out. You start having a flash back you see a big metal gate opening as you see the man with the limp and a lady walk into it.

You wake up in front of the gate with Vic lying next to you. His throat has been ripped out." You still have the taste of blood in your mouth. You turn around in anger and enter the gate it leads toon underground tunnel.

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