Chapter-13 (e)

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Chapter-13: Article 1 & 2

Remus P.o.v:

When I was in school James, Sirius and Peter were my best friends, Lily was my sister and my pack and when James Sirius got married I was happy and when cub came into this world immediately my wolf accepted her as his cub and got attached to it. When James got killed along with Lily and we all thought Sirius got them killed I was devasted but last straw was when Albus restricted me from seeing My goddaughter. After 11 years when the truth came out, I was shattered that the person whom I taught as my mentor did this to my family along with obliviating my marriage with Severus and now we all are going to destroy Albus to ashes. But the time I spent with cub along with Sev was the best time in my life.

I stood in front of Headmaster office my wolf was growling while I was keeping him at bay by talking to him, the book which Marcus gave me was very helpful. I started chanting different chocolate names "Lemon drop" then gargoyle jumped aside.

"Remus my boy what can I do for you?" He asked me.

"Albus I wanted to apply for defence post. I mean in that way I can keep eye on cub too." I asked him.

"Why do you want to keep eye on Selene according to the trial that took place she is Sirius daughter?" He asked.

"Nothing Albus I know that but my wolf side is agitated, I want to take care of cub along with other family members so that my wolf can calm down and if you want I can give you monthly report?" I baited him and I can see wheels turning in his head and I smirked inwardly knowing he fell in the trap.

"Sure Remus you can take defence from 4 through 7 the years. I also want reports on Selene." He said and I nodded.

"Sure Albus thank you," I said.

"Its fine Remus. I think its time for welcoming new and old students, come will leave for the great hall." He said and we headed towards the great hall.

When cub saw me at the head table I can see surprise and happiness in her eyes. Then she was sorted into Slytherin and I was surprised but I was happy. Later she sat with Draco and his friends.

Selene's P.o.v:

Next morning I woke up early started my morning exercises inside my trunk around quidditch ground for 45 mins. Then I took a shower and got ready and went down to the common room and sat in a chair in front of the fire reading advanced version of Ancient Runes which Uncle Moony gave me. Slowly people started to come down and by 15 mins to 8 Draco along with others came down.

"Good morning Dragon and everyone." I greeted them.

"Good morning Doll/ Rose." Everyone greeted and we started towards great hall for breakfast and I was anxious up to some extent as today they will release the news Papa being innocent in Daily prophet along with my parentage.

"Doll did you take your potion before breakfast?' Dragon asked me.

"Yes, Dragon I took my potion and now you starting eating. Where is uncle Sev only he is missing?" I asked him.

"I'm eating and I think Uncle Sev is late today." He said and great hall doors got opened and in walked Uncle Sev his cloak billowing and we Slytherins suppressed our laugh because he does that to scare other houses. Meanwhile, owls started coming inside carrying their mails for their masters and mistresses.

Hedwig flued towards me with daily prophet and letter by Papa attracted to her leg. I took my mail and gave her some bacon and after she ate she nipped ear lovingly and flew away to the owlery. When I opened the Daily Prophet.

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