Chapter 1: Rewritten

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Travelling through time was an uneasy feeling. If you glanced to either side then you would undoubtedly see the events of history as you knew them go in reverse. Even though your friend briefly described the reverberating sensation time travelling sent through the body, it couldn't prepare for the sheer pain coursing through your soul.

Maybe, just maybe, you thought, the pain was something else entirely. Shaking the thought from your head and focusing ahead, you told yourself that you could think about it later when you finished the task at hand. There was one shot, one chance to rewrite history as you knew it and give those you looked up to a brighter future. Even if it meant some people's existence would never come to be, it was a small price to pay for what lie ahead if history continued down this path.

The bright light ahead, the signal of your arrival, blinded you as you tumbled across the hard packed earth. Your (e/c) eyes slowly adjusted to the constant light of your surroundings. Once acclimated to the light of the woods, you looked back at the ripple in time and space that transported you here. One glance back had the tightness in your chest closing in and the tug of buried emotions fighting to be freed.

Just a little longer and it'll all be rewritten.

Turning away to gather your bag and fix the cloak over your head gave you time to remember the details of your mission. From various sources, both Class 1-A and Class 1-B were scheduled to do a joint training session in these woods. Members of Class 1-B would be pretending to rescue lost hikers, Class 1-A, who had been scattered throughout the woods during a villain attack. Your sources stated that your target would be located the farthest away from anyone else and was also going to be the last Class 1-B was planned to rescue.

Slow, deep breaths calmed your mind as you focused on one of your quirks. Your source had also stated that travelling back in time might affect your quirks, making them stronger, and you could feel the increase of power already. Focusing on the increased light energy flowing through you, you willed it into your legs and used the added power to propel yourself through the woods. The wind ripped by, trees went by in a blur and all seemed calm. Too calm for what was to come.

(h/c) locks fell in your face and blew from under your hood upon stopping at the top of a hill. It didn't take much to hear your target's voice boom through the woods in fits of almost controlled rage. Everything was riding on this, basically the fate of the world rested upon your shoulders and the weight was suffocating.

Those buried thoughts about the stakes at hand, your timing and many others threatened to surface when a single thought flashed through your mind. The only thought that made everything else fade away. The only thought able to give you the kick in the ass that sent you running down the hill to the explosive blond.

When he heard footsteps behind him, Bakugo quickly turned and readied for a fight but you didn't give him a chance to ask questions. "Look, Katsuki, I know you don't know me but right now is not the time to fight or ask questions. Beat the crap out of me and ask every damn question you can think of later but right now we need to get you to the others. And quickly."

Small explosions sparked from his hands and his body held fast as his eyes took in your cloaked form. "Why the hell should I listen to you, extra?"

Tossing your hood back, (e/c) orbs stared into his raging crimson ones as you quickly grabbed one of his exploding hands to begin dragging him through the woods. Pain seared in your hand and you slightly regretted your actions.

"I'll drag you all the way back if I have to but I won't let them succeed." The small explosions stopped at the raise of Bakugo's eyebrow. "Katsuki, I promise to protect you with my life. I won't let them assassinate you again." His entire body went rigid and the only thing you could do was grip his hand tighter.

The explosive teen was surprisingly was quiet the entire time back to the others. Not that you minded since you were busy keeping eyes and ears out for any sign of the League of Villains. Screams and fiery explosions filled the once peaceful woods meaning one thing. The League was executing their plan.


The sniper was nearby and had Bakugo in their sights. If you didn't act quickly he would die and the future would remain the same.


A fraction of a second separate your body colliding with and protecting Bakugo and the sniper's bullet grazing your cloak's hood.


Whoever they were they were reloading and preparing to end both of you. Dragging Bakugo to his feet, you pushed him towards the clearing and turned to face the sniper. A strong hand clamped down on your wrist before the ash-blond teen bounded into the clearing.

As expected, the League of Villains was facing off against several of the teachers who had positioned themselves between their students and the villains. Someone called out from the crowd, a voice you were all too familiar with but didn't want to hear in that moment. "Bakugo!" Kirishima's voice called everyone's attention to you and Bakugo.

"No. No. No!" Shigaraki began scratching at his neck. Apparently this is what he looked like when he threw one of his infamous tantrums. His sights were set on you when he barked orders at Dabi. "Kill them. Now."

Blue flames flickered to life in Dabi's hands as he readied a massive attack. You shoved Bakugo into Kirishima's arms and barely turned in time to see a wall of flames headed towards everyone. Screams and shrieks floated through the air, flames that dared to burn everyone alive but you were calm. This was nothing compared to what you had faced and this definitely wasn't the same Dabi either.

Raw power began shaking the earth, swirling to life around you in ribbons of light and dark energy. You were definitely more powerful here and were willing to break every hero law if it meant protecting Bakugo and the others. Both the light and dark energies swirled together before erupting into a domed force-field. Dabi's attack merely bounced off of the wall of light and darkness and only was it then that you heard nothing. Nothing but-


The sniper had shot again. Those bullets would pierce nearly any quirk based defense but had a weakness. The earth continued to shake as the force-field vanished and dark energy erupted like flames from your right arm. You swept your arm upwards to focus the energy into the sky in a massive explosion. Wind whipped through the clearing, people on both sides were blown back and a crater lay imprinted beneath your feet. Fragments of metal drifted down onto your cloak and your eyes locked onto those of the villains.

"Try it again. I dare you."

The air became unnervingly still before Kurogiri appeared out of thin air and warped the villains away. It wasn't until there was a moment of calmness that you felt it, the searing pain shooting through your arm. Tears threatened to escape when you removed your cloak to see your outfit nearly unscathed except for your destroyed and mangled arm.

"Who are you?" Bakugo's eyes darted from your arm to the crater then to your eyes.

Climbing next to him, light emitted from your left hand as you carefully placed it on your right arm. His crimson eyes widened at the sight of your mangled arm slowly being healed. Sadness washed over your whole being as (e/c) eyes met his.

"I'm (f/n), the last hero of the future."

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