Her Past

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They leave the room and Ciaus and Anthedorea follow suit. I see my Mate sitting in One of the chairs in front of my desk with a small smile on her face and tears on her cheaks. "What's wrong dearest?" I ask concerned. "Nothing, its nothing I'm just happy that someone can have their loved ones returned to them, even if its not me."

Aros POV
I wonder what she meant by that, who could she have lost to make her sound so desperate? I walk over to her and kneel beside her "darling why do you say that, who have you lost to sound so desperate for their return?"
Bellas POV
He sounds so concerned when he asks. No condescension or deception in his voice. So I start to tell him everything. From being locked in the cupboard to my years at Hogwarts, to how everyone I've ever loved was taken from me at the final battle. How Hermione died under bellatrix's wand and how I killed her for it. How Ron died protecting a group of first years that didn't get evacuated. How I watched Ginny be ripped apart in the explosion that claimed Fred and George. How Molly and Arthur were killed by lord Voldemort right before I could kill him. I told him how after the war I helped rebuild Hogwarts, then I disappeared into the muggle world. To find the only family that I had left. My uncle Charlie, how he took me in and adopted me as his own. How I met the Cullens and the fiasco with James. How Edward left and the rest followed and I completely shut down because they were my only link to the supernatural world, and to finding my soul mate.
Aros POV
When she finally falls silent I'm shocked to realise that my mate has been through more than most of the vampires here and they have over a thousand years on her. "Oh, my darling, I'm so very sorry that you had to go through all of that. But you do not have to worry any more, for you will never feel alone again, this I promise you." She looks at me for a moment then throws herself at me, I catch her easily, "thank you, Aro, thank you." I just kiss her lightly and ask if she is ready to be changed, she nods her head yes so I sink my teeth gently into her neck and pump my venom into the artery when I've pumped enough venom I release my teeth and kiss her neck.

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