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Y/n sat on the couch wringing the ends of her sweater. She was anxious at the results of her entrance exams for UA. Being only two weeks before school starts, she was patiently waiting. While father was busy at school, she was bored, and lonely and home.

About a year after giving birth to y/n, her mother uped and left. Leaving an already very busy Aizawa to take care of his daughter, and balance work and a baby.

Now 14 years later, a 15 year old y/n sat on the couch withing for her beloved father to get home. The door unlocked, signaling someone was about to enter.

Y/n bounded off the couch and arrived in the front hallway with her father setting down his bag. She recognized the tired look on his face, hed had a hard day. She jumped up and gripped him in a hug.

"Hey dad." She said squeezing a little more.

He smiled slightly. "Hey sweetheart. What were you doing?"

She let go and stepped back. She pursed her lips. "Waiting for you."

He chuckled. "Of course you were. What do you want for dinner?" He asked walking to the kitchen.

She gripped his arm. "Nu-uh, you're changing out of those clothes. Also, tie up your hair dad. You always look better that way."

He sighed. "I'm the parent you know."

She huffed. "It's in your best intrest! C'mon dad, please! For me?"

He hung his head sighed and looked up. "You know I can't say no when you do that."

He started walking to his room, his daughter trailing him.

She smirked. "I know."

She turned on her heel and bounded away.

He dad soon left his room, changed, and hair back, per to his daughters request. (Yeet yeet. *coughing* picture at beginning)

"Better?" He asked flatly.

She smiled wide. "Most definitely. You'd be a lady killer, should you do that more often, ya know, in public."

His face fell flack. "Absolutly not."

She sighed in defeat. "Okay, okay. Love you dad."

"Love you too, weirdo." He said ruffling her hair.

They proceeded to make dinner, and sat down to eat.

"Soooo, did I get in?" She mused.

He looked up. "Stop asking. I can't tell you."

She huffed. "Fiiine. Even if I didn't, I would be that upset. I already have a recommendation to Iwatobi School for water based hero's. I'd only be sad to not be in your class."

"I wish I could tell you sweetheart. But it breaks my teacher code. Can't do that." He said on a sympathetic tone.

She smiled a little. "I get it. It's okay dad. I understand."

He frowned, concerned, "You sure sweetheart?"

She smiled. "Absolutly."

The doorbell rang. Aizawa stood. "I got it. Clean up the dishes, will you?"

She nodded. She picked up dinners dishes and washed them. Once done, she set course to her room, and plopped down on her bed. She started up at her ceiling.

She wasn't lying. Of course she would be dissapointed she didn't get into UA, but she wouldn't be all that upset. She honestly just wanted to keep an eye on her dad. He always came home so deflated, and tired. Though, tired was his nature, this wasn't his usual tired. It was such a defeated tired. All she wanted to do was make sure he was okay. He was all she had.

Thinking about her dad, and her worries brought about a wave of emotion, and before she knew it, tears were streaming down her face, running into her hair, making everything feel gross. She flipped on her stomach and continued to cry, muffling it by the pillow.

She heard her father's footsteps coming closer to the door. She quickly wiped her face and rolled on her side.

He knocked, then entered.

"Hey honey. The UA letters here. I'll leave it on your desk."

She heard him shuffle in, set the letter on her desk, before leaving the room, closing the door. She sat up and walked to the letter.

She could already tell she didn't get in. Her father didn't imply anything, but she was good at reading him. He was dissapointed. Dissapointed at the fact she wouldn't be going to his school.

She begrudgingly opened the letter, having the disk fall out. The projection appeared.

All might appeared on the screen.

"Ms. Aizawa, how wonderful it is to meet my old friends daughter."

She nodded. "Likewise."

"I'd like to inform you that you didn't make it Into UA. Though you did well on the entrance exam."

She nodded. "I understand. I already knew."

"How, Aizawa didn't tell you did he? He knows he's not allowed to do that." All might said, baffled.

"No, he didnt. I'm just good at reading him. He was dissapointed when he came home today. Anyways, thank you. Hopefully I'll meet you in person someday." She said before ending the projection.

Y/n sighed. Actually hearing she didn't get in was harder than she imagined. All that ran through her head, was how dissapointed her father was. She didn't want to add more stress. She buried her head in her hands. She made the ultimate decision to go to bed.

||| Two weeks later |||

School was the very next morning. Y/n was panicking inside a little. But she could tell, her dad was looking forward to it less than her.

"It'll be fine dad. I'm sure this year's class, will be great." She said, trying to encourage him.

"We can only hope. Now off to bed. You need to get up early tomorrow."

She nodded. "Okay."

The next morning arrived all to quickly. Dressed in a pale blue uniform top, and dark blue skirt, she hurried to the front hall. Her dad was ready to go, waiting for her.

"Let's go. I have work to do before school starts." Her father said unenthusiasticly.

He drove her to her school, dropped her off, then drove off to UA. Standing in front of the gates if ISFWBH, her nerves bundled together. She pushed it down and took her first steps into the school.

》》》End of chapter 《《《

I'm going to enjoy this story very much. Whether you do or dont, is up too you. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy.

Edited - after rereading my chapter after posting I noticed that there were some typos. I'm trying to get on top of that.

Also if you didn't read the introduction, you should, it'll help on understanding the story.


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