Not the only One

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I saw you once again with a smile on your beautiful face thinking it was because of me and not another person.

Thinking it was me with a joke and you bursting in laughter with your mouth wide open your perfect teeth showing,shouders shaking,eyes in beautiful crescent shapes and your hand slapping my arm too hard.

You and me uttering sweet words and compliments to each other which we think are too cheesy and too overused.

You and me partying too hard liquors in red cups,finger foods in our mouths staining our teeths,jumping around all night playing the usual beer pong and 7 mins in heaven.

You and me with our morning walks right under the trees,stepping on crunchy red and yellow leaves during the fall season or our midnight walks with the moon and stars illuminating us showing our pathway to the very bench we first met.

You and me laying on a blanket staring at the stars above us thinking it was the most beautiful moment you and I had ever have.

You and me having deep talks and thoughts on the roof of your parent's house.

You and me camping with insects feasting on us during our camp trip to Buzz Park.

You and me dancing underneath the trees that I have hanged with fairy lights.

You and me snuggling under the covers of our pillow fort that we built for more than 3 hours.

You and me baking cakes with flour on our faces and hair and Icing on the sides of our faces because of your playfulness.

You and me under the scorching sun to our trip to LA, roof down and the wind passing by our faces.

You and me catching little hermit crabs by the coast with the sunlight burning our skin and making you a perfect tan.

You and me watching the sun as it goes down in the abyss as we sit by the shore and you between my legs as I backhug you.

You and me having the time of our life during your birthday suprise on the 16th day of January

You and me bickering late at night and me immidiately giving up as I see tears streaming down your pretty face.

You and me promising that no one even the Gods above can seperate the two of us


...All of that was in the past.

I wish I'm the one that your with right now.

but it don't work like that.

I'm not the only one that can make you have that gummy smile.

I'm not the only one that can make
you laugh making you almost hard to breath.

I'm not the only one that you can wake up with by your side.

I'm not the only one that you can be with every morning laughing about your burned dishes.

I'm not the only one that can make you chuckle or giggle or even cackle

I'm not the only one that you can cuddle and kiss on your expensive leather couches

I'm not the only one that can endure your ramblings and scoldings, and I understand it because you only care about me

I'm not the only one who can be your knight in shining armor saving her damsel in distress.

I'm not the only one who you can run to whenever your down and feel like breaking.

and most importantly...

I'm not the only one that you can fall inlove with and cherish with your whole life.

Because I Kim Jisoo is a  stupid idiot for letting you go and I don't even have any right to even get jealous if your in the arms of another man or woman...

....but I'm gonna do all my best to get you back Jennie Ruby Jane Kim.

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