Tips for Choosing Commercial Vehicles in Brisbane

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As a business owner there's always something to spend money on so it's important to focus on what you actually need. This often includes a commercial vehicle but, with so many on the market, how do you choose?

Buying commercial vehicles in Brisbane is quite different to buying a car and there are several points to consider. Whilst practicality may seem like the #1 factor there are other things to bear in mind. Yes, you want plenty of space, but you also need to consider how easy a van is to load. Some are better than others.

 Some are better than others

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Commercial Vans in Brisbane

You also need to consider safety and comfort. If you or an employee is going to spend a lot of time in the van, comfort needs to be addressed. Vehicles that are uncomfortable to drive can cause anything from headaches to severe back pain and that means downtime for your business.

Commercials vans in Brisbane are also used as very effective advertising boards. Does the van you're looking at have enough panelling to promote your organisation and give important contact details?

Your best approach is to write a list of what you need in a van. A good place to start is weight and dimensions. Many thousands of commercial vehicles are pulled up regularly for being overloaded and the fines are quite high. Driving overloaded is not only dangerous for the driver and other road users, but it will also increase the wear and tear on the vehicle.

Commercial Van Service

If you are buying a used vehicle it's most important to check it out thoroughly and then arrange a commercial van service immediately. That way you know exactly what you're getting, and problems can be ironed out early on.

Another factor in choosing a commercial vehicle is image. What will the van say about your business? If it looks smart and well cared for it tells customers that you take the little things seriously. It's a great promotion for your company.

Fuel economy is a key issue, too, especially for a small business on a tight budget. If you're likely to run up thousands of kilometres every week you need something that doesn't drain the tank too often. And on the subject of running costs, pick a vehicle for which it's easy to get parts. This will reduce both costs and downtime.

Check Out the Running Costs

This includes tyres, too. Before you buy find out what type of tyres that vehicle uses and price them up. You'll be surprised how expensive some van tyres are. Find out how much it is to get the vehicle serviced, as regular maintenance is key to making your investment last.

Do you have the right specialist in your locality? For example, European commercial vans should always be taken to a European specialist. They not only have the knowledge and expertise but also the right diagnostic tools.

If your business is growing and you find yourself accumulating a fleet, find out what type of fleet maintenance plan the service centre offers. Over time regular fleet servicing will save you money and ensure you stay on the road where you should be.

Follow these tips when choosing commercial vehicles in Brisbane and you'll stay on track.

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