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     beep beep beeppp .

Reaching over to hit my alarm off . I starred at the ceiling just thinking " why" for about two minutes. Tossing my left leg over then my right, I got out of bed and went into the bathroom.

After using the restroom and washing my hands I picked up my toothbrush rinsing it off , applying toothpaste , and rinsing it off again. As I was Brushing my teeth , I walked into my mothers room looking through the container with Noah's clothes in it.

I should just empty all of my moms clothes out the drawers and put Noah's clothes in it.

Taking him out a plain white v neck , gray adidas shorts , and socks . I laid it on top of the dresser and went in the bathroom to spit the toothpaste out. I got the mouthwash and gargled before spitting it out also .

Starting the water , i made sure it was hot before I stripped out of my clothes. Quickly taking a shower and singing to myself I stepped out and dried myself off. I put on an PINK matching panty and bra set . I put on some lotion then put on my sandy brown ripped jeans and a black long sleeve shirt. I wen back in the bathroom to run some bath water for Noah.

Walking back into my mothers room to wake him up i shook him really hard.

"whatt, whattt" he said sounding irritated

" Come on baby lets get ready for school"

He struggled to get out of bed and walked to the hall bathroom. I grabbed his clothes from the dresser and meet him in the bathroom. I turned off the water.

About thirty minutes passing Khloe text me saying she was outside.

" come on Noah " , I say grabbing his back pack from by the front door. Getting up from the sofa he made his way over by the door where I opened it. He walked to Khloe car while I locked up the house. As I was approaching the car Khloe rolled down the window being ghetto .

" BAD BITCHHH ALERTT" , she shouted

Laughing at that fool , I made my way to the front seat buckling up.

As she back out the parking space infront of my apartment an name displayed Mattie on my phone. Indicating that the white woman a couple apartments down was calling.

" Hello ", I spoke unto the phone .

" Good-morning sweetie , how are you "

" Good , I'm on the way to class" , I said awkwardly

" I'm sorry calling so early , I was calling to see if you could babysit Ryan tonight at 4 and I could come pick him around 7"

Remembering that I always babysit her grandson Ryan at-least twice a week ,I knew that what she was calling for . Old white people pay good so I sure as heck wasn't finna say no .

" Yes ma'am that's fine "

" Okay thank you so much , I really appreciate it"

Both disconnecting the phone , I sat the phone back in my lap. Riding with the music low we dropped Noah off and headed to school.

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