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What seemed to break us out of the staring was my phone going off.

I picked it up and answered.

"What was in the package?" it was Ned.

"I'm gonna have to get back to you on that," I told him before hanging up, cutting off his protests on the other end.

I looked back inside the box, there was no note or anything else in the box.

I looked back at her, she was about the size of my hand, about six inches long.

She looked wary as I sat in my desk chair and rolled closer. Now that I was eye-level, I guessed I wasn't as scary to her.

"What are you?" I murmured as I tilted my head.

She tilted her head, mimicking me, I realized.

"Are you copying me?" I asked raising an eyebrow, she mimicked my eyebrow.

Well, this was better than her being scared.

"Rude," I told her a bit playfully before getting out of the chair.

"I have no idea what to do with you," I sighed.

What did she eat? Would she stay that size forever? How did she get here? Where did she come from? What even was she?

I glanced at my backpack, I did have homework to do...




I woke up to my alarm blaring.

I jolted up and looked around the room, the giant pot was still on my desk, where I'd fallen asleep.

I glanced at the mirror, there was a mark on my face from the pencil.

I hit the snooze on the alarm, which had startled the little fish/merperson.

She had her head above water and was squinting at me, that's when I realized her vision was probably not the best because she was used to being underwater.

I wasn't sure how to fix that though... What was I going to do with her while I was at school?

I picked up the pot and put it under the desk, she gave a squeak of protest but didn't do anything else.

"Sorry, but Aunt May can't find you," I muttered as I grabbed a set of clothes and ran into the bathroom to get ready for school.

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