The Family Is Back In Business

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The Greatest Showman | Chapter 3

                                Chapter 3             ~ the family is back in business

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                                Chapter 3
            ~ the family is back in business


After the pleasant surprise from the  Barnum family the happiness spreading on each and every everyone's faces . The circus felt like the heart of the creation has finally came and made it's home back to where it all began here in P.T Barnums Circus.

The scenario was full of laughter and glee what some of the circus had faded a bit away after Barnum left but now it was back again .

"Why hello Phillip " said Charity walking toward him having lovingly smile as she was so glad to be back leaning over to give a hug

It lovely to see you Mrs. Barnum " Phillip said giving her a slight hug and walked behind  Mr.Barnum as the girls stopped him by the hugging of the little girls hugging his legs eager to have a little twirl on Phillips back.

" So " Phillip said while clearing his throat from the raspiness that accumulated from the night before
"What's brought you here Barnum ?" He asked wondering what he is having in plan or his curiousity

" Well I'm coming back! Back to the spotlight , back to the greatest show " he said openly opening his arms like presenting the show like he once did in the stage .

" So your taking Phillip's place" Anne replied slightly confused of the matter

"No not quite ... well he said stopping on what he was continuing to say

I'm going up to stage once again as the showman but not very long just for some time the girls missed seeing all of you and all the other part of this family but don't worry Phillip will still be the second man on the job when doing show business I just want to take the air once again where it all began " Mr. Barnum said rubbing his finger around the pole which stand across the audience taking in memories of the circus he created  .

"Me and Phillip will take turns leading the shows I'm not going to have it all to myself" he said almost chuckling "After all he has 18 % of the show " said Barnum looking at Phillip like he was making another deal with him.

"Darling..." said Charity holding the girls by their shoulders making a little signal to him to come over to speak with him not trying to be rude in front of Phillip and Anne .

He leans over to see what she need to say .

" Darling please don't go back obsessing over your circus business and creations, trying to impress the wealthy for what they can't see, making people love you even if they don't " she said

  " Everyone here loves you for who you are, you don't need to push or try hard for anyone who doesn't because they can't see it, but we and others can, you can't push them to learn or understand with society it's how we all react in the world, be true to yourself and let people find it in you" she said staring at into his eyes, feeling nervous in the mix of uneasiness but spoke her words very stern with care.

"And don't forget, you have a family " she said slightly smiling, rubbing her hands on daughters shoulders, looking at them for his eyes to follow .

Caroline and Helen smiling with full of softness on their little faces.

As he starts to lean back he looks back at the sweet little faces of his two daughters, giving him an assuring smile, knowing he, their father won't forget his place .

He responded quietly  "Charity darling, I won't forget, not world revolves around all of you, I promise " his eyes lovingly glaring at the greatest family he has given everything to.

Phillip and Anne wondering if they done something wrong or a mistake that might have slipped by the look on their faces.

Barnum turned around after the trance he was in and continued with his idea
"Ah yes! So Phillip, what to take this show side by side? "Mr. Barnum said taking his silk black hat and putting it behind his back ready to shake his hand.
Seeing Barnum' s enthusiasm about the idea Phillip couldn't agree more he wanted to go back to the old days where it was P.T Barnum and Phillip.

"Barnum ... I'm ready to take this show side by side !" He shouted with excitement, having the most confident smile he had , matching Barnums enthusiam . They broke into a song which brought them as a team when they first met for showbiz.

"Were going to the other side !" They both sang together bringing the song which made them become this in the first place singing with energy which persuade them to this idea , Phillip  grabbing Mr. Barnums hat out of his handsand resting it on his chest as Barnum went along with movements with a grin on his face .

"We're going to the other side !"
As they were about to finish the line
Phillip tosses the hat in the air , he spins in a split second and catches the hat and places it on his head with look of pride on his face ,out of nowhere Anne fetches Mr. Barnums staff and tosses to him for the finish which grabs the staff and places it in front of him holding it tightly .

Caroline and Helen trying to step in and be part of the song, observing the dance moves they were constructing as they glided, tripping on their toes as they did, trying so hard to keep up as their eyes quickly watch their movements with focus, which was adorable to her father as he glanced time to time, their little deliacte bodies following behind. In the back
Charity chuckled "Oh boys " with a little genuine laugh.
Anne watching along with Charity watching the boys, one of her eyebrows rose to the musical interaction she was watching, seeing the boys putting some kind of show, she quietly chuckles in the back as she stood by the bleachers followed after Charity's, she covered her little laughs through the small "performance"  not wanting to interrupt Barnum's and Phillip's moment together .
The ending came and the sudden slience of the performance stopped followed by the last echoes bouncing through the whole buliding as Barnum stomped his staff on the ground at his pose along with Phillip's  hat grab. Caroline and Helen started clapping at the small performance their father and Phillip gave with their last pose ,so did Anne and Charity. After that Phillip continued the conversation .

"Mr . Barnum I would have had the same idea myself " said Phillip with a bit of ego as he adjusted his suspenders.

"Sure you would " cackled Barnum laughing jokingly, patting Phillip on the back

"So where's Lettie , Charley and the rest of the group ?" Barnum asked, twiddling hia thumbs in the edges of his hat, eagerly wanting to see everyone and give a warm welcome

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