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"Who are you?"
"Your husband."
"You're funny."

-Vegas Wed-

Las Vegas is a grand city known for casinos, hookers, and...marriage.

On a trip to Vegas for a friend's 21st birth day, Katelyn Reese finds herself with a ring on her finger, tying her to Jackson King.

Katelyn Reese is a young girl with not a lot to expect from life. Well, that is until she wakes up from a drugged over Vegas night next to an almighty CEO and her husband; Jackson King.

Jackson King had worked toward his goals his whole life, inheriting King Trades Stock Brokerage from his father. With this huge company comes a lot of money, and along with his good looks and personality, this makes Jackson King possibly one of the most eligible bachelors to ever walk the planet.

But when Katelyn Reese finds him, she doesn't know that.

Will all of the troubles of this unlikely couple's relationship all sprout from their accidental Vegas wedding?


⇨started 6/27/18
⇨ended ...


will contain:
mature/sexual content
face-palming stupidity

you have been warned.

-Author's Note-

Hi people!

It has been months since I've written something for the world, and about two years since I actually put out a complete story that I liked(and it was a cringe fanfiction).

I decided to "take a break" from Wattpad in that time, which was basically a nice way of me saying I quit. In that time I've grown a lot mentally and in my writing.

This is a story that I have worked on for a while behind the scenes, along with many others, and I've decided to come back from my dormant state with this story(which I'm super proud of so far).

That all said, please enjoy


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