#chapter 2

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after rhe movie we went home "ima go out ill be back later" benji said kissing my fore head , so i ran up stairs it was only 8 oclock but i was tired so i wnt to sleep


its about 11.30 so i snuck up stairs kicked off my shoes ,striped down to my boxers and jumped in to our warm bed, ryder rolled over and cuddled in to my cheast "hey baby girl" "hey babe" and with that she fell back asleep



"ryder, baby girl" "mh" i replyed still half asleep "your knees are in my balls" he said gronning "sorry " i sais getting up and having a shower

after my shower i put on a pair of black high waisted denim ripped shorts, see though thin white baggy top, black bra and a pair of white converse and put my black with undernerh redchair in a messy bun and grabed my i phone

once i got down stairs benji sat on the couch with his iphone i ran up and jumped on his knee causeing him to drop his phone on the ground "hey baby girl" he said kising my cheak and down my jaw line "get a room " joel yelled from behind me "we do " benji said with winki, i slaped is arm lightly "god babe u hot like a girl " benji jocked "i an a girl " i yelled in his ear rolling my eyes " i think im now deaf" he said kissing my nose "dose it still hurt" he asked tapping my nose ring "alittle bit" i replyed hiding my face in his neck, suddenly i felt some one tapp my thigh "benji stop it " i gronded "its not me, im not that little" he defended him self, i turned around to see my little nephew smiling at me "KAIN" i yelled "AUWINTY" he yelled it was cute how he said auntie " im fouwa now" he said " oh ur getting big" i said kissing his nose, i put him down and he ran straight to benji, "uncle benji " he yelled with the biggest smile, it was the cutest, he's adored benji scince the met "alex" i yelled running to my brother he explaind how he was moving in woiht his mum, when they left i looked at the time "SHIT" i yelled running out the door


me and benji walked in to english " ah mr madden, miss scott late agin i see" mr hope said looking at us as we toke our sets so me and benji desided to tex



'hey baby girl'

Benji's babyxo

'swag mathar fucka'


during P.E i told coach Cammble i had period pains and benji said he had cramp so he sat on the gym floor and i sat on his knee" i love u baby" he said plaing with the back if my neckises that say 'wild child' "i love you more" i said "ive told u this befor ryder its not posible " he said kissing the back of my neck, i just giggled to my self

the rest of the day went pretty fast, at lunch i was talking to paul and aaron awhen some one came up behind me wraped there arms around my waist and rested there chin on my shoulder " watcha talkin bout " benji adked i turned around to face him and wraped my arms around his neck "SCOTT,MADDEN" i turned to see mr davis looking at us " show ur efection for each othere at home" he snarled

after school i raced benji home but he won, i opened the door to see him asleep on the couch i slowly put my bag on the floor and took my shoes off and jumped on him staning with one foot on ether side of his torse  he looked at me and slaped the back of my legs couseing me to fall on top of him "i love u i said lying down beside him "go to sleep shit face " he said i giggled and felt my eyes get hevery and i fell asleep

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